Most Dangerous Times for Driving

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most dangerous times for driving Being safe and responsible for yourself and your passengers is the number one task for any driver. Even if you’re 100% sure that you are the best and safest driver on the whole planet, don’t forget about other drivers whose behind-the-wheel style can lead to collisions. Unfortunately, you can’t control others and their irresponsible behavior, but if you know the most dangerous times for driving, you can coordinate your own schedule to avoid danger.

The following data, collected by the  NHTSA and AAA , is based on the number of fatalities on the roads. You should always be safe and alert when you’re behind the wheel, but these are some specific times during which you should bring your fullest attention to the road and drive as carefully as possible.

Time of the day

The most dangerous time of the day on the road is the two hours from 5 pm to 7 pm. During evening rush hour, the roads are congested. Day commuters who are tired after working and wish to get home as soon as possible make the road a dangerous place. However, going by the highest percentage of fatalities per total amount of people on the road, the deadliest hours are from midnight to 4 am.

Day of the week

Saturdays! Beware of Saturdays! According to sources, the average number of traffic fatalities on the first day of the weekend is 158 people. This is almost twice the number of fatalities that occur on an average weekday.


The NHTSA reports that August is the most menacing month of the year for drivers, closely followed by September and June. A special warning for juvenile drivers, who should be aware of the whole summer season: the period from Memorial Day to Labor Day is called “100 Deadliest Days” for teens, not without a reason. Having fun during your long summer vacation is of course is a primary task, but don’t forget about the driving safety rules that you’ve learned in drivers ed .


On the Fourth of July, you should leave your car in a garage, or keep your wits about you if you have to get behind the wheel. Independence Day has continued to be one of the most dangerous driving days for decades. The Fourth of July brings catastrophic consequences for a lot of road users. According to IIHS data more the 900 people die in Fourth of July car collisions every year.

Holiday Weekend

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel holidays of the year, with families from all across the country traveling to get back together. That makes Thanksgiving weekend one of the most dangerous times for driving. Plan ahead, stay alert, and be prepared for winter driving conditions on your next Thanksgiving weekend.


The first day of a snowstorm is dangerous for drivers. The whole cold season doesn’t bring as many traffic collisions and fatalities as the first day of snowing. Fender-benders are 14% more likely to happen on the first day of snow than later in the snowy season.

Places to stay away from

It is said that over half of all fatalities occur on rural roads . Meanwhile, highways and interstate roads are still not the safest places. And according to statistics, the most notorious ones are:

  1. I-95, Florida
  2. I-76, New Jersey
  3. I-4, Florida
  4. I-15, California
  5. I-10, California

Now that you know the most dangerous times for driving and common places to avoid, you can control the situation better when you’re behind the wheel. Just don’t forget that this is not up to car or circumstances to make the mistakes or to avoid ones, it is only up to drivers. And if you don’t feel 100% confident about your driving skills or knowledge, then don’t just take chances, take an additional step to ensure everyone’s safety on the roads and sign up for a  defensive driving program . That way you can learn the newest driving techniques to handle any risky situation and to stay calm and confident even during most dangerous times on the road!