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Idaho Drivers Ed Online
State-Approved Course

  • State-approved online course — any device, anytime
  • Videos, animations, and activities engage students in the learning experience
  • Teaches more than the rules of the road, with a special focus on defensive driving
  • Free practice permit tests and companion mobile appNEW
  • Can be used with a Commercial Driving School in Idaho!
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  • Idaho Teen Drivers Ed

    Do you want to blow away the DMV with your knowledge of what it takes to be a safe, smart driver? With the online Idaho drivers education course at DriversEd.com, you can fulfill your classroom drivers ed requirement online and get ready to ace your written knowledge test!

    From Boise to Coeur d'Alene, students who study with DriversEd.com earn their Idaho drivers license with zero hassle. Get in the drivers seat the fast, easy, efficient way! Sign up with DriversEd.com, choose a local driving school for behind-the-wheel training, and learn everything you need to know. After you complete our online Idaho drivers ed course and your in-car lessons, you'll be a giant step closer to obtaining your license through Idaho's Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) Program! DriversEd.com, your local driving school, and you: it's an unbeatable team for drivers training.

  • See the Course!

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    Take a look around this quick course demo. We've got 3-D animated videos that detail driving maneuvers, user-friendly slides with all the driving information you need, and multiple choice quizzes expressly designed to fit with our curriculum. Enjoy perusing all DriversEd.com has to offer!

    • What is Idaho Drivers Ed?

      • 16 lessons cover everything you need to know about driving in Idaho
      • Pick a driving school for your behind-the-wheel lessons through DriversEd.com
      • Start your in-car training right after enrolling with us!
      • Each lesson is fully interactive, with engaging activities, current statistics, and the latest techniques for safe driving
      • High-tech 3D animations illustrating driving techniques
      • Online drivers education replaces your classroom course!
      • Friendly customer support available 7 days a week
      • All the info you need to help prepare you for your written exam and behind-the-wheel skills test
    • Freedom is a Click Away

      Drivers ed is the key to getting your Idaho Drivers License as soon as possible, so you can hit the road and gain freedom and independence. That's why our online Idaho drivers education course is so great: DriversEd.com makes the process of earning your first Idaho license as quick and convenient as possible. Once you've taken our simple online Idaho drivers ed course, you'll be on your way to meeting friends easily, getting to school or work on your own, and never relying on your parents or others for rides again!

      DriversEd.com makes learning the rules of the road a stress-free experience. Our Idaho online drivers education course is the fastest, smartest way to meet the classroom requirement of your driver training instruction permit so that you can begin driving. At DriversEd.com, we offer internet-savvy Idaho teens a great way to study on their own time and fit driver's ed into their busy schedules, letting them live their lives—and avoid spending Saturdays in the classroom!

      After all, this Idaho course was designed for students like you. Our online course material is presented clearly and concisely to make sure you understand the crucial information every Idaho teen needs to know to become a good driver. We know you understand that being a licensed Idaho driver is a big responsibility, so at DriversEd.com we treat you like an adult, getting directly to the important topics you'll need to know in order to become the driver you want to be.

      Your online Idaho drivers education course includes comprehensive lessons concerning the current rules of the road in Idaho, the best strategies for avoiding collisions, the ongoing importance of sober and drug-free driving, and the personal attitudes needed to drive safely. After you finish reviewing this Idaho drivers education course page, take a look throughout the site—DriversEd.com offers a lot more than online Idaho drivers education. We can help you earn an insurance discount, get a good deal on a car in Idaho, and even learn some easy vehicle maintenance tips. We also provide online drivers ed games and offer you a chance to earn some serious money online at our Associate Center whenever you recommend this Idaho drivers education course to your friends.

      Earning a Idaho drivers license should be simple. We know your goal is to get in the driver's seat as soon as you can and with as little hassle as possible. We can help. With just a few clicks, you can begin your online Idaho drivers education and set out on the road to freedom.

    • Get On the Road to Safety With DriversEd.com

      Drivers education is one of those BIG steps your teen will take in his or her life, but you can be confident that your teen will learn the information they need with our online Idaho drivers education course. For many Idaho parents, the idea of their teen taking a driver's ed course and getting behind the wheel is nerve-wracking. But if your teen takes the online Idaho drivers education course at DriversEd.com, you can rest assured that they'll learn all the critical aspects of driving that every Idaho driver needs to know.

      We know that you want to make sure your teen has the best—and since our course is online, you can test drive our Idaho drivers ed course with your teen to see what we have to offer. You'll see that our online Idaho drivers education course gives your teen the chance to take Idaho drivers ed comfortably at home, from any Internet-connected computer. They can study for 20 minutes or 2 hours at a time, depending on what works best for them. And no matter how your teen chooses to study, they'll get a high-quality online drivers education course that is fully licensed by the Idaho Driving Business Board: this means our course is approved and satisfies the requirements of the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD Occupational Licenses, AKA the Idaho DOT) and the Idaho DMV.

      We present the material in our Idaho course in a simple and straightforward manner, covering every aspect of driving that a new driver needs to know, including knowing the rules of the road, recognizing signs, handling different weather conditions, avoiding collisions, managing different driving environments, dealing with peer pressure, and sharing Idaho roads with other drivers. Our online drivers ed course strives to make your teen a safe and considerate Idaho driver.

      DriversEd.com is the nation's leader in online drivers education—our online courses are approved in 14 states, and we're members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the International Association for Drivers Education. Join more than 13 million drivers who have trained and earned their license with us!

      We're no flash-in-the-pan online education company: while members of our dedicated and professional staff have over 30 years of drivers education experience, our Idaho course was created with modern education methods in mind. Our Idaho online drivers ed course has been designed so that your teen will retain important information about driving long after the Idaho drivers ed test, so that he or she will have it when it really matters—on the road.

      Other online drivers ed websites offer a cheap imitation of real Idaho drivers education. Unlike our competitors, DriversEd.com doesn't simply take the Idaho Driver's Manual and put it online. Our Idaho course includes plenty of effective original material and true interactivity, features that will prove useful immediately and over time. Now that you and your teen have landed at DriversEd.com, you can relax, knowing you've found the best online provider of Idaho drivers education.