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Just as today's social media and video streaming powerhouses were setting up shop in 1997, so too was DriversEd.com. We're proud to have now trained more than 3 million drivers across the U.S., making us the #1 online drivers education provider in the country.

Our Mission:

Engage, Lead, and Save Lives

We're passionately committed to providing our customers with the most effective driver safety solutions on the market. It's our goal to position new drivers for a lifetime of safe driving through our range of products and services. From in-car driving guidance to study aids, our range of apps, behind-the-wheel driving lessons, and online drivers ed resources are all industry leading.

Our Goal:

Provide Relevant, Relatable, and Up-to-Date Content

As the leader in defensive driving education, we're continuously updating our training materials and services to give you the most effective—and efficient—learning experience. Our course curriculum is backed by extensive research and teaches content designed to shape novice drivers into safe, confident and smart behind-the-wheel thinkers. We are the only online drivers ed provider in the country to have a staff of professionally trained driving instructors involved in the development of course content. At the same time, our instructors continue their own training by working to stay up to date with today's driving demands, techniques, and education.

Our Future:

Driving Better Outcomes

DriversEd.com provides licensed drivers ed courses in more than 30 states—for now. We continue to invest in growth and expansion in new markets that otherwise typically face more expensive and cumbersome options. We also work with state legislatures and officials to champion policies that keep our drivers, and the generations that will follow, protected and alert on the road. Training a nation of safe drivers means going beyond simple course curriculum. Our customers need to feel protected by the rules of the road, too.

It's About More Than Passing a Test 

We prepare you for a lifetime of safe and confident driving! Our future is based on the success and safety of our customers. To us, that means establishing a network of support that’s vital to gaining confidence behind the wheel. From course curriculum and online resources to in-car driving lessons and a knowledgeable Customer Support team, we’ve put together a program of support our customers need to feel safe, secure, and confident knowing they’re learning from the best, and set up for success.

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