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Michigan Drivers Improvement Online
State of Michigan-Approved Course

  • State-approved online course — any device, anytime
  • Avoid points on your record and keep insurance rates low
  • Videos, animations, and activities engage students in the learning experience
  • Teaches more than the rules of the road, with a special focus on defensive driving
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Avoid Points on Your Record with Online Traffic School

Got a traffic ticket in Michigan? Don't let it affect your driving record or your insurance rates—just take our basic driver improvement course (BDIC) to keep your record clear!

Not sure whether you're eligible to avoid points with this course? Click here for details on eligibility and a complete list of qualifying traffic offenses.

We offer a convenient online course, so you don't have to waste your weekend in the classroom. You can study at home, the park, the cafe, or anywhere there's Internet access. The course is always accessible online, so it's sure to fit your schedule.

Created by defensive driving experts, this high-quality course helps you improve your driving skills so you don't get stuck with another ticket.

Fulfill your basic driver improvement course requirement and avoid points on your driving record with our Michigan-certified course. Sign up now and get started right away!

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Check Out the Defensive Driving Course for Michigan

Ready to improve your driving skills and clear your record? Take a look at our basic driver improvement course for Michigan!

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Basic Driver Improvement Course

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  • Basic driver improvement course approved by the state of Michigan
  • Convenient 24/7 access to the online course
  • Avoid adding points to your driving record
  • Keep ticket information off your insurance record to keep your rates low
  • Learn the latest techniques for defensive driving so you stay ticket-free
  • Save money, save time, save your weekend

Defensive Driving

On the Road to Self-Improvement

Dreading the thought of spending all weekend in a classroom? Don't worry. With our Michigan basic driver improvement course, you can fulfill your requirement all online, all on your own schedule.

Our Michigan-certified course takes points off your Michigan driving record and keeps the ticket off your insurance record.

The curriculum covers all there is to know about defensive driving. Clear and engaging lessons will help you review the basics and build your knowledge of road safety, so you'll be prepared to steer clear of hazards on the road. You'll also review basic traffic laws, so you can avoid getting more tickets in the future.

Save your time and money by taking your Michigan basic driver improvement course online. Sign up for your basic driver improvement course today.

Why DriversEd.com

Conveniently Designed to Fit Your Schedule

Being a safe driver on Michigan roads is critically important. A collision could cost more than just money. Brush up on your defensive driving skills. Our basic driver improvement course covers the essentials and teaches you to be a safer driver and avoid getting another ticket.

Our defensive driving specialists have created a simple and effective course for Michigan. This online basic driver improvement course prepares you to respond to all kinds of dangerous situations on the road.

Refund Policy

It is important to us that you are satisfied with your purchase. If you change your mind about the course, we'll refund the full cost of the course purchased on our website within thirty (30) days of purchase. As per Michigan state laws, eligible drivers have sixty (60) days to arrange for and successfully complete the Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDIC). We will issue your refund within thirty (30) days of your request.

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