How Much is a Defensive Driving Course in Georgia?

Using a computer to take defensive driving online

You know the road can be a scary place. There are lots of reckless drivers on the road. And tons of distracted drivers, which are just as dangerous. Did you know that 70% of fatalities in Georgia crashes are the result of unsafe driving? That means they’re entirely preventable. 

Since you have to share the road with these bad drivers, you need to learn how to drive defensively. That’s why it pays to take a defensive driving course in Georgia. And Georgia defensive driving courses are surprisingly affordable.

What Is a Defensive Driving Course?

Defensive driving courses (also called adult driver’s ed or driver improvement courses) are instructional programs that teach you how to be a safer driver. 

You’ll learn how to drive safely to reduce the likelihood that you will be responsible for an accident that could cause injury to yourself or others. And, just as importantly, you’ll learn driving tactics for situations in which those around you are not driving safely. These tactics will help keep you and your family safe even when safety isn’t a priority for other drivers.

It’s worth noting that some Georgia defensive driving courses are offered 100% online, so they are easy to work into your busy schedule.  

The Benefits of Completing a Georgia Defensive Driving Course

Improving your chances of staying safe on the road is the biggest benefit of taking a defensive driving course. But there are several other benefits to taking a defensive driving course in Georgia.

  • Firstly, you can save money on your insurance premiums! Completing a Georgia defensive driving course can make you eligible for safe driver discounts from your auto insurance provider. The amount of the discount will vary depending on factors like age, location, and vehicle, but according to Cheryl Smith, Auto Insurance Representative for Lynn Walker’s State Farm, you could save “approximately $20-$30 per six-month period” when the safe driver discount percentage is applied. 

  • Taking a Georgia defensive driving course will also help you pass your Georgia driving tests. You’ll be better prepared to pass the written Road Rules and Road Signs portions of the test when you’re ready to get your driver’s license.

  • You can even correct some mistakes on your driving record by taking a defensive driving course in Georgia. Depending on your driving history, taking a Georgia defensive driving course may help you reduce the number of points on your record or even get your license reinstated.

The Cost of Completing a Defensive Driving Course in GA

The cost of completing a defensive driving course in Georgia depends on your reasons for taking the course. According to the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS), a defensive driving course that is taken for any of the following three reasons must cost $95:

  • License reinstatement.

  • Points reduction.

  • Court orders.

These courses are generally offered in-person because Georgia has not yet approved any online driving schools for these purposes. However, if your schedule is particularly tight, it is worth asking your judge if he or she will authorize you to take your court-ordered defensive driving course online since courts have the power to make that exception on a case-by-case basis.

If you are taking your defensive driving course for any other reason (for example, to reduce your insurance premium or because you simply want to be a safe driver), your course can cost up to $95. 

You may be able to find no-frills online programs for as little as $24.95, but it’s probably worth spending a bit more to get a quality course with engaging content.

The money you invest in a defensive driving course in GA is money well spent. Stay safe out there!