Georgia Adult Drivers Ed

Recommended Course for Drivers 18 and over | Ages 18+

Earn an Insurance Discount with America's #1 Driving School*

  • Learn Up-To-Date Georgia Traffic Laws
  • 100% Online - Learn on Any Device, Anytime
  • 10 Free Practice Tests Included
  • Discover Proven Defensive Driving Techniques

We also offer Georgia Teen Drivers Ed and Practice Permit Tests

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  • Save on Insurance

    Our Georgia Adult Drivers Ed course allows you to pass the exam while qualifying for money-saving insurance discount. Created for adults 18 and up, it prepares you with the most up-to-date exam information and the latest in smart driving education. Take the course online at your own pace, and pass the exam with complete confidence.

    It's time to say yes to an insurance discount.

    • Whether you're an adult learning to drive for the first time or an experienced driver renewing your license, our course is perfect for you. It's even great for people looking to refresh themselves with the rules of the road or to improve as a driver.

      And the best part? Passing the online Georgia Adult Drivers Ed course means you become eligible for an insurance discount that could save you up to 20%.

    • Georgia Adult Drivers Ed teaches what you need to pass the written license-renewal test and maintain or earn a Georgia driver's license. It's also 100% online. You'll learn up-to-date traffic rules and defensive driving techniques with unlimited online access to course material, and get instant feedback with strategically placed quizzes throughout the course.

      As an added bonus, you'll receive 10 free practice tests based on real Georgia state license exams along with 24/7 online access and customer service support.

      Our interactive lessons help you focus on what you need to pass the written test. From 3D animations of driving maneuvers to develop you into a confident driver, to our specially designed content that's easy to follow, our course has everything you need to become a safe and confident driver.