Where are the Most Dangerous Roads in Colorado?

As a state that encompasses most of the Southern Rocky Mountains, Colorado is full of outdoor adventures. Of course, with trips into the high mountains comes sketchy roads that lead to many accidents, right? Wrong. What you may find interesting is that the most dangerous roads in Colorado are those filled with too many people. 

The Most Dangerous Roads in Colorado

When looking back at 2020, the following two Colorado counties had the highest number of fatal crashes. Read on to learn which cities and roads were the most dangerous. 

1. El Paso County: 82 Fatal Crashes

El Paso had the most fatal crashes in 2020, and many (49) of them happened in the city of Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs is the second-largest city in Colorado by population, a place over 450,000 people call home. However, with the high concentration of people comes a higher danger while out on the road. The most dangerous roads within Colorado Springs include:

  • I-25: When looking at a report of the most dangerous intersections in Colorado Springs, eight of the 10 are along I-25. The I-25 runs 299 miles through Colorado, with a 12-mile stretch through Colorado Springs. It's the main path for traffic traveling through the state.  

  • Powers and Stetson Hills: The highest number of accidents off the interstate occurred at or near the Powers and Stetson Hills intersection. While no fatalities occurred, it was the place of 47 accidents, four with injuries. 

  • Fountain and Academy: The intersection of Fountain and Academy, a high traffic area, was also high on the list with 38 accidents, four with injuries, in 2020. 

The majority of accidents happened in highly congested areas near the main freeway in town. 

2. Denver County: 50 Fatal Crashes

Denver County also had a high rate of fatal crashes and the majority (50) were in the capital city of Denver. Again, we're looking at a highly-populated area in the state. In fact, it's the most populated city in Colorado with over 720,000 residents. Highly congested roadways have resulted from rapid growth in recent years.

The most dangerous roads within Denver, according to a 2019 Vision Zero report, are: 

  • East Colfax Avenue: The main street that runs east-west through the metropolitan area of Denver.

  • Federal Avenue: The main transit route that runs north-south through Denver, and the "main street" for many Denver residents.

  • Sheridan Avenue: Another north-south, high-traffic road running parallel to Federal Avenue. 

All three of these roads, and the areas in between them, have a higher percentage of accidents with injuries than the surrounding areas. The city government is aware and is taking action to reduce accidents, but these continue to be problem spots due to high traffic. Interestingly, about half of traffic accidents include non-Denver residents. 

Stay Safe on the Road in Colorado

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