Teen talk: Squeezing driver’s ed into a busy schedule

DriversEd.com Contributing Writer Alexis David has kept an ongoing diary for us as she takes our California online drivers ed course . Here’s her sixth entry.

The end of summer arrives faster than any kid would hope. School begins, and that means so much more activity, schoolwork, and staying up late to finish homework. How do students like us, especially high school students who are taking driver’s ed, fit it all into our schedules?

DriversEd.com Contributing Writer Alexis David has kept an ongoing diary for us as she takes our California online drivers ed course. As a student athlete, my day is already more action-packed than I need it to be. First it’s school, after school is practice or a game, and I still have homework. Even on weekends, I’m helping out at my church or doing my share of chores around the house. So, as you can imagine, it’s more inconvenient to find the right time to learn how to drive. What I’m going to do is use my weekends to drive. My weekends are more of a free time, so I can ask my parents to come drive with me if they’re not busy themselves. I’d like to drive whenever I can because I know with driving, you have to be consistent with it. I want to be accustomed to driving and remember how to control my vehicle. The more I practice, the better I get!

Over the course of the summer I’ve learned what being a driver takes. Driving requires being patient with others, never taking long to decide, no hesitation, and awareness. I’ve learned how to start up the car, how to stop, how to make u-turns, and how to parallel park . I can’t wait to learn more as I become more experienced. I keep telling myself that with more studying and practicing, the better I am to become a great driver; and it really paid off when taking my permit test and driving! I’ll keep training until I’m confident in my driving expertise and that I’m doing it safely.

The difference between driving in summer and driving during the school year is that in summer, I’ve had so much free time to drive. And like I’ve stated before, my days are already busy. Not only my schedule, but during school days, there are more drivers picking up or dropping off students; even after school. The roads are more frantic , and while I’m still practicing how to make simple maneuvers, I’d prefer learning at my own pace without having to worry. Another thing I’m worried about is having to be pressured to show people my driving skills. I don’t want to be persuaded into making a mistake when I’m still learning, and I definitely don’t want to risk others’ safety. I’ll become competent in driving so I can be safe on the road.

As I train as a driver, I’ll be expanding my knowledge in school. This year, I’ll be a sophomore in high school. I’m excited to see my friends again, learn what classes I’ll be in, and what I’ll be learning. I can’t wait for future events throughout the school year like spirit weeks and college trips. I’m also incredibly eager to start my volleyball and basketball seasons up again and get better at both of those sports. I also want to find out how my classmates are doing while they’re learning how to drive. We’re all 15 or becoming 15, and that’s around the age when teenagers start learning how to drive. I already know some of my friends received their permit and I know some who are taking the course; I always suggest taking driver’s ed through DriversEd.com ! I’m looking forward to the day when I’ll get my license and be able to take my sister to school, grab lunch with friends, and help my parents with errands. For now, I’m just looking forward to the days I can practice my driving and make my parents proud of how far I’ve come.

I love summer and everything it has to offer, but I’m kind of glad to get back to school so I have something to do that’ll benefit me. Hopefully I can learn to drive just as easy as how I can finish my schoolwork. And good luck in school if you’re a student!

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