Choosing a Driver Education Course in Texas: How to Pick Between Parent-Taught Drivers Ed and Professional Instructor-Led Drivers Ed

Choosing a driver education course in Texas may seem like a tricky task: there are many options and providers out there. But with, getting a drivers license in Texas doesn’t have to be confusing, difficult, or expensive. is America’s largest driving school, and we offer drivers education options to suit all families. So, whether you choose Parent-Taught Drivers Education or Professional Instructor-Led Drivers Education , we support you every step of the way. If you’re still trying to decide which route will work best for your family, here is a brief summary of the options.

A student uses his computer to facilitate choosing a driver education course in Texas.

Student choosing a driver education course in Texas.

1. Parent-Taught Drivers Education

What is Parent-Taught Drivers Education?
Parent-Taught Drivers Education (PTDE) allows teens between the ages of 14 and 17 to take the theory part of their drivers education online and complete their behind the wheel training with their parent.

Why might families choose Parent Taught Drivers Education?

Some parents prefer PTDE because it puts them in control as their teen learns to drive. Parents are with their teen every step of the way.

It is important for parents to note that, as their teen’s driving instructor, they must supervise the entire process, including both the theoretical portion online, and the practical portion which will take place in the family car.

This means the parent must commit to 32 hours of theoretical instruction, 14 hours of in-car instruction, and 30 hours of driving practice (10 hours of which must come at night). Since there are limits on the amount of instruction a student can take per day, the course will take an absolute minimum of 60 days to complete.

How does help with Parent Taught Drivers Education?
For families who choose this route, has an online PTDE drivers education course specifically developed to help make the learning process more successful.

The parent-taught drivers ed course is designed to help young drivers learn. Each lesson includes interactive elements to keep teens engaged and focused on learning. The course is also designed to help parents teach. It includes checklists and special sections of the course just for parents, so they know exactly what to communicate during each lesson.

Parents can rest assured that the course curriculum fully meets state requirements and will prepare teens for the DPS written permit test. The course even includes unlimited free online practice tests to help prepare for the real test!

2. Professional Instructor-Led Drivers Ed

What is Professional Instructor-Led Drivers Education?

Professional Instructor-Led Drivers Education allows teens to meet their theoretical requirement for learning to drive online, at their own pace, then take their driving lessons with a professional driving school.

Why might families choose Professional Instructor-Led Drivers Education?

Professional Instructor-led Drivers Education is a great way for parents to make sure their teen is receiving the absolute best drivers education experience.

Driving lessons take place in the driving school’s vehicle. At, this means that teens learn to drive in vehicles with top safety ratings; vehicles that have been specially equipped with additional mirrors and an added brake to keep the new driver safe.

Professional driving instructors are highly experienced in teaching young people how to drive, they are great at communicating with teenagers, are state-licensed and background checked so parents can be confident their teen is learning to drive with a trustworthy instructor who will build a solid foundation for safe driving.

Not only that, but professional driving instructors are up-to-date on the latest techniques in crash avoidance, braking, driving safety, and Texas driving laws–and they’ll pass that knowledge on to novice drivers!

After just a few hours of professional driving lessons, the student can begin practice driving with a parent.

How does help with Professional Instructor-Led Drivers Education?
At, teens can take their online drivers education and their professional driving lessons with us.

Our interactive online drivers ed course is full of graphics and easy-to-understand content to ensure students retain knowledge. It teaches the basics of driving as well as defensive driving techniques to maximize the safety of novice drivers behind the wheel.

As a plus, completing our Texas teen drivers ed course enables teenagers to take the DPS knowledge test online for free. And, once they have their learners permit, teens can easily schedule their in-car professional driving lessons online.

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