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Whether you’re a teen in need of a learner’s permit or an adult over 18, you’ll have to take Texas driver’s ed if you want to get your driver’s license in the Lone Star State. There are two general pathways for Texas driver’s ed courses, and they are dictated by your age, one for those who are between the ages of 14 and 17, and one for those who are 18 or older.

If You’re Under 18

If you’re a teen driver between the ages of 14 and 17 in Texas, you can take a Texas driver’s ed online course from to teach you everything you need to meet the Texas license requirements. With this driver’s ed online course for Texas, you can earn a learner’s permit after completing the first six hours of the 32-hour course. You’ll have free unlimited practice permit tests and receive a certificate of completion delivered free and fast to the Texas DMV once you’re done with the course.

What’s in the Course

With the Texas teen driver’s ed course, you’ll be prepared for the DPS written permit test. Texas law requires driver’s education for anyone 14 to 17 years old, and the course is completely state-approved. Your six hours of state-approved education can be completed on any device, and multimedia lessons help reach all types of learners.

Once You Get Your Permit

When you get your permit, there are two teen driving course options in Texas: instructor-led education and parent-taught driver’s education. You can obtain the Parent-Taught Driver’s Education Program Guide from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, but provides all the other materials you’ll need for this path.

In addition to your road training, you’ll need to finish the other 26 hours of the Texas driver's ed course (assuming you haven't done so already), and you’ll need to pass the online exam. Then you’ll need a total of 34 hours of driving lessons completed over the course of the next six months to upgrade from a learner’s permit to a full driver’s license.

Once you’ve received your certificate of completion and have had the minimum driving training, you can apply for a license. But it’s advisable to take advantage of the free practice tests to help you prepare. And don’t forget to take the free DPS Impact Texas Teen Drivers (ITTD) course before you apply for your license. After that, you can take the driver’s skills test and get a provisional license.

If You’re 18 or Older

If you’re 18 years of age, your education requirements are different. The six-hour Texas adult driver’s education online course shows you all the rules of the road you need to earn your license. In Texas, adult driver’s education is required for adults 18 and older but under 25 to earn your first license. Our state-approved courses prepare you for the road and you can do it online from anywhere at any time.

The DPS requires that you pass a written permit test, but you can waive this step with the course. The final online test in the course counts as your test, and there’s no trip to DPS needed to get your permit. After that, if you are under the age of 25, once you have met all of the driver’s training requirements, you can then apply for your official driver’s license.

Take Your Texas Driver's Ed Online With

The Texas DPS has considerable requirements for getting your driver’s license, but if you sign up for the right online courses through, we can help guide you through the process and save you valuable time and money.

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