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Texas Online Drivers Ed Courses

No matter where you live in Texas, our online drivers ed courses are here to simplify your studies. With an all-access pass from any mobile device, you can complete the course work from any location. Want to do it from home? Sounds good! Switch between your mobile device and home computer without missing a single step. Isn’t that better than taking drivers ed classes at a high school?

And after you’ve passed, you'll use all that new road knowledge to ace your DPS drivers test. Stick with us for all your needs to fully ensure your Texas drivers license eligibility.

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Texas Drivers Ed

Whether you're a teen, a senior, or somewhere in between, we know learning how to drive can be stressful. That's why our TDLR-approved courses are built on engaging videos, animation, and real case studies to make it interactive and enjoyable for everyone.

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Texas Teen Drivers Ed

Nervous about the final test? Don't be. Teens get the support of unlimited practice tests, so take all the time you need to feel good before the big exam. And for adults? We carry a 99.5% permit pass rate on the final. And the best part—the official DPS test is included, so you can choose the location that creates the least amount of stress.

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Talk about a bonus. Sign up for our drivers ed course and receive savings on our Texas in-car lessons, taught by the leading professional driving instructors in the country. They’re backed by years of experience, and tailor each driving lesson to your personal needs.

Why choose DriversEd.com?

We've pioneered the drivers education world for over 20 years. Our courses and lessons have trained millions of students across the country in road rules and proven defensive driving skills. In fact, more people have chosen us than any other drivers ed company—and that’s what makes us the #1 driving school in America.

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Although there are many providers that meet the state's minimum standards to help students earn their drivers license, being a safe driver means more than simply passing a test. That's why we're passionate about teaching driving skills and DriversEd.com is the leader in the industry in so many ways.


Other Providers

We've trained more than 11 million drivers - largest driving school in the U.S.
Chosen by Fortune 100 companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Nestle for their driver training
A leading innovator in the defensive driving category, including a driving performance app
Over 6 corporate and university-backed validation studies
Over 60 published research papers and over 70 industry awards

Accredited by the Driving School Association of the Americas (DSAA)
Over 100 state-approved driving safety courses from over 30 U.S. state governments
Hundreds of state-licensed professional driving instructors on staff

All-in-one source: online courses, in-car lessons, defensive driving programs and more
Unparalleled support for the parents of teenage drivers ed students
Engaging, interactive content including animations, videos and games


Courses can be taken on desktop, tablets, mobile devices, or in one of our apps (included free)



Places extra focus on training smart, defensive drivers (not just passing a test)
Proven state-sponsored study shows significant reduction in traffic violations and DUI †

With our money-back guarantee, unlimited practice tests, 100% pass rate, A+ BBB rating, and customer service that’s available 7 days a week, you’ll have our full support as you take your course.


† Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Study 2009.

*$5.95 State Certificate and Handling Fee applies

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) requires every school to purchase state-issued certificate numbers. The TDLR also requires specific security features on each document so they can be validated by the Department of Public Safety when you apply for your instructional permit or license at a Driver License Office.