Here's How Much Speeding in Texas Can Cost You

With the average speeding ticket in Texas costing $101 (depending on municipality), most drivers don't want to dish out their hard-earned cash to pay such violations. Especially if it's a first-time offense and they have a clean driving record otherwise. Speeding tickets in Texas can easily amount to $1,200, depending on location, speeds (how high above the limit), if it's a school zone, or if there are other charges the cops are pulling you over for. Don't fret. You have options—and you don't automatically have to pay that hefty fine. 

When You're Caught Speeding in Texas

For a first offense, some drivers will choose to contest their ticket and hire an attorney or go to court on their own. In many cases, officers don't go to court, at which point the judge will ask the driver how they plead. If the driver pleads no contest or not guilty and the officer who gave them the ticket doesn't show up, the ticket is typically dismissed. And, drivers don't have to pay any fines or penalties. 

The second route is to hire a lawyer. In this case, the lawyer will contest the ticket on your behalf, and if necessary, go to court. Nearly every ticket is dismissed and no points are assessed. The only penalty/cost drivers pay, is the fee the attorney charges to represent them. The reason people choose this, over self-representation, is the fact that lawyers are experienced, and almost always guarantee the dismissal. 

Consider Traffic School

A state-approved driving course is the second alternative for drivers who want to contest their ticket. Drivers can do these online or in-person. These courses will: 

  • Eliminate any points from the driver's license associated with the speeding violation
  • Drivers only pay a fraction of the actual ticket cost (a reduction for taking the course is given)
  • Drivers don't have to go to court and contest the ticket. 

For drivers who want to avoid going to court and simply want to have the ticket dismissed, if you're a first-time offender, this is an option available to you. 

The True Costs of Repeat Speeding Tickets 

Many drivers simply think the cost of a speeding ticket is about $150 in addition to the cost of the traffic infraction. However, this isn't the case. Points on their license and possible loss of license for having too many points in a certain period of time are much worse than the actual cost of the speeding ticket. Even the safest drivers get tickets from time to time. If you're otherwise a safe driver with a clean driving record, consider one of the two alternatives above. It'll eliminate the points being added to your license, and a marginal fee is much less than the cost of the actual ticket. 

Keep safe behind the wheel, pay attention to road signs and speed limit signs, and know your rights if you are assessed a traffic citation for speeding. You have options as a Texas driver. Make sure you're aware of them to avoid paying an absurd fine for a first-time ticket for speeding in Texas.

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