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Teen talk: “Finally, my time to drive is here!” Contributing Writer Alexis David has kept an ongoing diary for us as she takes our California online drivers ed course. Here€™s her fifth entry. Being a passenger was a routine thing that I took for granted. As a passenger, I could sleep in the car, eat, listen to music without being distracted and admire [€¦]


Texas fights distracted driving with new DL requirement

The Impact Texas Young Drivers course tackles one of the biggest safety issues today: the plethora of mobile devices, as well as bad driving habits, that facilitate distracted driving.


How to Throw a Fun (And Safe) Beach Party in California

A pre-trip inspection by a trusted mechanic is good insurance against possible beach party breakdowns.


How to Throw a Fun (And Safe) Beach Party in Texas

Use these tips and tricks and share them with your friends, so everyone can have a great beach party in the sun.

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Instead of traveling with a certain place in mind, think of the family road trip as a chance to visit hundreds of sites. Here are five recommendations.


10 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat behind the Wheel in Honor of National Donut Day

Today, in honor of National Donut Day, avoid eating or drinking these items while driving to give the road and surrounding drivers 100% of your attention.


Protect Pets and Children from Hot Car Deaths this Summer

As the fun€”and heat€”of summer approaches, it€™s time to stop and re-think who you€™re leaving in your vehicle. The summer season is prime time for hot car deaths, and these tragedies are even worse knowing that they€™re preventable. You may think cracking the windows or prior air-conditioning will keep those you€™re leaving inside safe€”and unfortunately [€¦]


Don’t Be One of the Millions AAA Will Have to Rescue This Summer

More than a third of last year€™s roadside calls required that the car be towed to a repair shop, and of those vehicles, 81% were more than 10 years old.


Georgia Passes Distracted Driving Legislation

Georgia has become the 16th state in the U.S. to enact legislation that bans drivers from using mobile devices while behind the wheel.