Popular distracted driving webinar now free and available to the public

The Seven Stages of Distraction Denial helps drivers confront myths that fuel their own distracted driving demons. Did you know distracted driving was the reason behind more than 3,400 fatal collisions in 2015? Distraction is deadly, and eDriving is working to reverse the dangerous trend. eDriving has now released its popular July webinar, “ The 7 Stages of Distraction Denial ,” online for all drivers to learn from and review.

For the webinar eDriving partnered with Paul Atchley, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the University of Kansas who specializes in cognitive and brain sciences. Dr. Atchley has spent more than 25 years conducting research and teaching about cognitive factors related to driving and on the real-world implications of multitasking. With his help, eDriving is reaching out to drivers to help them confront the common denials keeping them locked into life-threatening bad habits.

Dr. Paul Atchley In the free “ 7 Stages of Distraction Denial ,” webinar, Dr. Atchley reviews methods fleet managers can take to engage their drivers in confronting and breaking down their own distracted driving habits. It reviews the truth about multitasking, what companies have learned about employee productivity losses while they conduct business from their vehicle, as well as the common misconception that hands-free device use behind the wheel is safer than hands-held device use. It’s not!

The webinar may be viewed by the public on eDriving.com .

Based on the success of the “ 7 Stages of Distraction Denial ” webinar, eDriving will host a follow-up webinar, “ Changing Behavior Using ‘Closed Loop’ Telematics-Based Strategies,” Aug. 22 at 11 a.m. PDT, 2 p.m. EDT. Register here for the webinar.

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