Driving guidance for your teen when you can’t be there

Mentor for Families by eDriving, is a new mobile app that allows you to stay involved with your teen’s driving when you can’t be there in person. Your teen passed their driving test, congratulations! But, wait a minute. While your teen might have mastered parallel parking, have they also developed good judgement? Are they making good choices? Can you feel comfortable letting them drive other family members around?

Every parent wants to ensure that their teen is safe behind the wheel, but not every parent has the time to provide ongoing coaching beyond the permit process. Mentor for Families by eDriving , is a new mobile app that allows you to stay involved with your teen’s driving when you can’t be there in person.

Mentor for Families can be downloaded to iOS or Android smartphones to track your teen’s driving habits and provide proactive feedback on maintaining responsible behaviors. Mentor goes beyond the skills involved in driving to focus instead on the choices drivers make based on their overall attitude.

Developing good habits

All drivers, especially newer drivers, need some reminders to keep them aware and responsible of their driving habits, and the first year behind the wheel is when those habits are setting in.

When your teen driver appears to be making a bad choice or repeating a bad habit, Mentor doesn’t just track the behavior, it proactively warns your teen of the consequences–just like you would if you were in the car with them. When your teen is maintaining good driving habits, Mentor supports them with positive reinforcement.

Parents can stay involved with their teen’s driver coaching by logging into the web app to see how their teen did throughout the day and over time.

Research backed and data driven

To help develop good driving habits, Mentor relies on best practices drawn from the most effective models in weight-loss, fitness and behavioral change programs. Mentor combines these models with the research-backed driver improvement  approaches eDriving has developed and proven through Fortune 150 clients worldwide over two decades.

To make driving improvement simple, Mentor collects driver data for each trip and over time to build an overall FICO ® Safe Driving Score. This allows you and your teen to track progress and set goals. Mentor helps increase the FICO ® score by providing customized “playlists” of interactive training interventions, tips, reminders and progress reports based on which habits your teen needs to improve.

Set goals and enjoy peace of mind

Mentor provides neutral coaching to help your teen develop good driving habits while also providing you some visibility into how your teen is doing out on the road. You can relax a little–and probably avoid a few bickering sessions by you not having to “nag” your teen about their driving.

Mentor’s FICO ® score also allows you to set some goals for improving and then maintaining good driving habits. Perhaps you can identify a reward for when your teen reaches or maintains a certain FICO ® score. Or turn it into a game to see which drivers in your family are the safest and who “wins” by having the highest FICO ® score (maybe the winner gets to drive everyone to an ice cream outing).

Busy parents certainly aren’t too busy to still worry. Using Mentor for Families not only helps your teen ingrain good driving behaviors; it also provides a way for you to stay connected with your kid on the road so you can have some peace of mind.

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