“The Driving Dead” and 6 More Shocking, Funny, and Unforgettable Safe Driving PSAs

To improve road safety, various groups have created a number of interesting and creative safe driving PSAs in recent years. Check out some of the best here!


Drivers Ed Meets Pop Music: The History of Teen Crash Songs

Did you know there's a genre of music that's like the movies you watch in drivers ed? Learn about and listen to a few of our favorite teen crash songs here!


Share the Road: Why Bicyclists Deserve Drivers’ Respect

Every driver has the responsibility to share the road safely with bicyclists. Use these tips to help everyone on the road get where they're going safely.

Read More...’s Bike Challenge Results biked 426.4 miles during the month of May. We didn't come close to winning the Bay Area Bike Challenge, but we certainly had fun!


There’s No One at the Wheel! Can We Trust Self-Driving Cars?

A new report on Google's self-driving cars reveals how many crashes they've been in. We analyze the findings and explain how safe these vehicles really are.


Recall Alert! Are Your Air Bags Safe?

Millions of Americans are asking themselves "are my air bags safe?" We'll help you find out if your car's been recalled, and show you what to do if it has.


You’re Talking–and Is Listening! student feedback leads directly to course improvements. Learn about the latest example in our Texas teen drivers ed course.


Beat the Heat: Dehydrated Driving is Dangerous Driving

Dehydrated driving can be as bad as driving when you're drunk or fatigued. Understand the risks and find out what you need to do to avoid them.

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