What to Bring to The Texas Driving Test

Taking the Texas driving test is the final hurdle to becoming a driver. Perhaps you are feeling excited or nervous, but advanced preparation will help. You've already come this far by passing your written exam and taking the required education from a Texas driving school. Now all you need to do is prepare yourself, your car, and your documents for the day of the big test. Here's everything you'll need to bring with you on your scheduled Texas driver's license test day.

What to bring to the Texas Driving Test

1. Proof of Meeting Educational Requirements

The path to becoming a driver involves several steps, most of which you probably have already done. Before you can take the driving test, you should have successfully completed a driver's education course. If you are under the age of 25, you will need to participate in the Impact Texas Drivers educational program. Also, you will need to review the Texas Drivers' Handbook for important driver's safety information and skills. 

Bring proof that you completed both your driver's education and the Impact Texas Drivers program, such as a certificate of completion, as you'll need it before you will be able to take the Texas driving test.

2. Proof of Having Enough Driving Practice

Practice doesn't just help you pass the test — it's what turns you into a safe and capable driver. Alex Epstein, Director of Transportation Safety at the National Safety Council, explains that "lots of practice with a knowledgeable instructor, parent or guardian is the best option, as it allows one to get hands-on experience in a safe, watchful environment."

You are required to have 30 hours of driving practice (with 10 hours night driving) to get your license, but more practice is better. Safe Kids International recommends you get 50 hours of practice in different road conditions. Either way, just make sure you bring your driving log so you won't be turned away on the day of your Texas driver's license test.

3. A Safe, Road-Worthy Vehicle

You need a safe vehicle that will need to pass a visual inspection and manual checks at the test site. The onsite representative will make a safety check before you will be allowed to take the Texas driving test. These requirements are aligned with what you need to drive safely. If your car hasn't been inspected recently, it may be worth taking it to a mechanic for a simple check. Some requirements include: 

  • Unexpired vehicle registration and insurance.

  • Two license plates, unless the vehicle is borrowed from a state that requires one plate.

  • Working brake lights, taillights, and headlights.

  • Functioning seat beats.

  • A working speedometer.

  • Operating windshield wipers.

  • Doors opens properly.

4. Required Identification and Fees

When you go in for your driving, you must have a valid form of identification and be ready to pay fees onsite. Fees will vary, but for a new driver that's under 18 years old, expect to pay $16. If you're over 18, that fee bumps up to $25.

Stay Calm and Earn That License

Advance preparation will help you feel more comfortable and confident on the day of your driving exam. But if you need a little extra guidance, there is online help available on your journey to becoming a licensed driver.