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We are happy and proud to announce that has been offering Online Traffic School in Michigan state also known as a Basic Driver Improvement Course. Getting this course online and fully approved was one of our more recent triumphs, and we’re really proud of this one.

MIchigan Traffic School

There are 7 million licensed drivers in the state of Michigan and about 10 million registered vehicles, which means that the roads of the state are dynamic and intense places, where even the most experienced drivers can make a mistake. Such mistakes usually lead to traffic tickets, and the traffic tickets can affect your record for several years. So don’t let one unfortunate lapse, oversight, blooper, or blunder wreck your driving record!

You need to clear your driving record to:

— Prevent your car insurance premiums from increasing. Keep your money where it belongs: in your pocket! According to, Michigan has the highest car insurance costs in the entire United States! Residents of the state pay approximately 8% of their annual income towards car insurance. Plus every point on the driving record adds extra dollars to the already high price of insurance.

— Easily go through a background check during the hiring process, especially if your prospective position is related to transportation, where points on your record will be unattractive to an employer, and can put you at the back of a long line of candidates. A lot of companies do pre-employment background checks to find out whether prospective employees are trustworthy and reliable people, so you need to make sure your driving record is squeaky-clean.

— Rent a car. Car rental companies often offer better deals and discounts to drivers who can show a good driving record. So you can save money on trips and avoid any car rental rejections due to recent moving violations noted on your record.

— Get approval on a car loan. If you are applying for an auto loan, banks and insurance companies are going to want to find out what kind of driver you are, checking into your DMV records. Needless to say, any bad marks on your driving record may affect the interest rates or value of the loan.

Fortunately the laws of Michigan allow drivers to clear their driving record and avoid paying extra fees by taking a Basic Driver Improvement Course. The course serves as a reminder of the laws of the road, and was created by our crackerjack team of professionals to prevent drivers from making further mistakes, and maybe even fatal blunders.

Why should I take Michigan’s basic driver improvement course online, anyway?

The biggest advantage of taking online traffic school versus going to actual class is the opportunity to do the assignment on your own schedule. With you have around-the-clock access to your account. This means that you can login and logout as many times a day as you need it, take breaks, when you feel it, and choose your own venue for education. Home, the coffee shop: anywhere you can access the internet!

Don’t think that traffic school is just another dreary procedure that you have to go through! We dare to say, with our school, it isn’t! All our online classes are interactive and aim to engage you in learning process. BDIC teaches the fundamentals of traffic safety principles and gets you up to speed on the best modern innovations in the industry, so you can refresh your driving knowledge, polish your skills, and prevent yourself from repeating the same mistakes and getting another ticket.

The program is developed by defensive driving professionals with more than 20 years of experience and has been approved through the Michigan Secretary of State, so you can feel confident that everything’s legit.

According to Michigan State laws, any driver who is eligible for the BDIC has 60 days to arrange for and successfully complete the program. Start right away at to save yourself time and money; and, what is most important, have fun working from the comfort of your own home!