Texas Road Signs 101: Study for the Driving Test

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highway architecture For young people in the state of Texas, drivers education is a rite of passage. It’s an opportunity to receive the necessary credentials to experience a whole new kind of freedom. While the freedom to drive is a great thing, it requires a high level of responsibility. A big part of becoming a proficient driver is understanding street signs. So, listen up aspiring Texas drivers, here’s what you need to know about Texas road signs.

Regulatory Signs

reg signs

You’ve probably seen these Texas road signs every day of your life. For example, stop signs fall into the regulatory category. Always be aware of these signs and adhere to them to avoid accidents and other issues like tickets. In the state of Texas, regulatory signs are often octagon, triangle, and vertical-rectangle shaped. They always provide a specific instruction, such as speed limit, one-way street direction, and parking signs.

Warning Signs

war signs Always be on alert for these signs. They’re hard to miss because they are usually bright colors like yellow or orange and shaped like diamonds, pentagons, and circles. Signs that fall into this category indicate things like winding roads ahead, approaching where two roads converge, that a lane closure ahead, and that there is a school zone. Here’s how to handle a few Texas road signs:

Winding Road Ahead : when you see this yellow sign with a curvy arrow, slow down and don’t attempt to pass anyone

Two Roads Coming Together : this sign will show two arrows indicating the two roads coming together. You don’t have to merge but be wary of traffic in the new lane.

Lane Closure : This sign will likely be orange as it relates to construction. It will say in bold print what specific lane(s) are closed. Make sure you are driving in the correct lane.

Guide Signs

3-2_Route_Signs_Independent_Mounting In ancient times, people didn’t have much to help guide them on their journeys. Lucky for you, there are signs everywhere that can help you have a great driving experience. Guide signs horizontal rectangles and are usually green, blue, or brown . And give drivers information about the following:

  • Route markers
  • Exit signs
  • Travel information
  • Rest stops
  • Sometimes even let you know if there’s places to eat ahead

Texas road signs exist to help drivers. Obeying these signs assists drivers with nearly everything. They help with safety, efficiency, comfort and overall knowledge of the road. They’re painted with bright colors and written to be easily understood. Make sure you are taking note of the signs you pass as you drive. Before you take your test, be sure to study the various signs and the meaning behind them. Best of luck, and happy driving.