Teen Safe Driving Contest: “Keep the Drive”

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Teen Safe Driving Don’t miss your chance to win $2,000 by saving lives of your friends and classmates! The Allstate Foundation just started its 2013 “ Keep the Drive ” contest, featuring six possible awards. High school students can participate by writing articles for their schools newspapers or producing a broadcasting piece for a high school news station. The creative work should focus on the teen safe driving issues.

Keep the Drive is an annual teen journalism award, created to promote teen driving safety on the roads. According to statistics, driving remains the number one cause of death for teenagers. And the creators of the contest are sure that it is possible to prevent most of the collisions by attracting the attention to the issue.

So, use your creative skills, choose a specific topic on teen driving and implement your ideas! The contest is a good chance to educate yourself about driving issues; practice your journalism skills; become a safer driver; encourage your peers to be extra careful on the road; and, of course, to win a great prize!

To get some inspiration from former participants and to hear their thoughts on the contest and unsafe teen driving, watch the videos below!