How to Renew a Georgia Driver's License

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Renewing a Georgia driver's license is generally a quick and easy process. According to the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS), there are three different ways to renew a Georgia drivers license:

  1. In-Person.

  2. Online.

  3. By Mail.

But before we talk about how to renew your Georgia driver's license, you need to know when to renew your license so you can plan accordingly.

When to Renew Your Georgia Drivers License

You can renew your license up to 150 days before your current license expires, so there's no need to wait until the last minute. If your license has already expired, you have up to two years from the expiration date to renew your driver's license without any additional requirements.

But what if your license expired more than two years ago? You can still renew your license, but you’ll need to pass a few tests:

  • Knowledge (road rules and road signs).

  • Road skills (a behind-the-wheel test).

  • Vision.

Sandra Young, Driver Examiner at DDS, has a tip for drivers who are nervous about their written knowledge test.

"You can download the DDS mobile app; they have practice exam questions for you," she suggested. 

If you want a little more help, you may want to consider an online driver's ed course as well, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve sat an exam. Not only will this course prepare you for the knowledge test, but it could also earn you a discount on your auto insurance.

Renewing Your Georgia Driver's License In Person

You must renew in person if:

  • You’re applying for your first renewal.

  • Your license has been suspended, canceled, or revoked.

  • Your most recent Georgia driver's license expired more than two years ago.

  • You are age 64 or older.

  • Your current license is not Secure ID compliant.

  • Your name has changed.

  • You are not a US citizen.

Simply visit your local DDS Customer Service Center during regular business hours to renew your license. Insider tip: take advantage of the Skip A Step option by completing the required paperwork before you visit the DDS. 

Make sure you bring the following original documents to the DDS:

  1. Proof of identification (certified birth certificate, US passport, Certificate of Naturalization, I-551, etc.).

  2. Proof of Social Security number (Social Security card, W-2, SSA-1099, pay stub, etc.).

  3. Two forms of proof of Georgia residency (utility bills, phone bills, etc. with your current street address).

  4. Your completed Skip A Step paperwork (optional).

At your visit, you’ll have a new photo taken, any required testing will be administered, you’ll pay the renewal fee (currently $32) via cash or credit card, and you’ll receive an interim license while your new license is processing.   

Renewing Your Georgia Driver's License Online

If you are not required to renew your license in person, online is a quick and easy option. 

Simply visit the online portal, complete each step as directed, pay your fee by credit card, and wait for your renewed driver's license to arrive by mail in about 30 days.

Renewing Your Georgia Driver's License By Mail

You may renew your Georgia driver's license by mail only if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • Out-of-state military service.

  • Attending school out-of-state.

  • Temporarily working out-of-state.

  • Physically incapacitated and unable to visit a DDS Customer Service Center in person.

You can renew your license by completing the Mail-In-Renewal Application Package. Because it takes longer to process applications by mail, you should submit your completed package at least 60 days before the expiration date on your Georgia driver's license.