Nevada DMV Emissions Testing

Emissions tests are required when registering vehicles in certain areas of Nevada in an effort to keep polluting vehicles off the roads.

If you own a gas powered vehicle (with a model year 1968 or later) and live in an urban area of Clark county or Washoe county, you'll need to check the emissions output at a licensed inspection station. Each independently operated station is required to post the total fees charged for such a service. Smog tests are also necessary for all diesel powered vehicles that weigh up to 10,000 pounds.

Some vehicles are exempt from inspection requirements. To find out about exemptions, contact your local branch of the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. The DMV should notify you if your vehicle needs to be inspected prior to registration renewal.

If you buy a vehicle from a private party, it is your responsibility to have your new vehicle tested. Many times, if you buy a car from a dealer, the dealer will handle the inspection process. Vehicle Inspection Reports are valid for 90 days.

For more information about vehicle emission tests, NV Emissions Fees, or the Nevada Emissions Control Program, simply visit the Nevada DMV website.

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