Learner’s Permit Practice Tests Prepare You for DMV Written Test

Permit Practice Tests

If you could do only one thing to prepare for a major test, what should it be? Test-taking experts will tell you that practice tests are the way to go. Practice makes perfect and using a learners permit practice test can give you all the practice you need to pass the DMV written test - on your first try. 

The DriversEd.com has learners permit practice tests for every state available online. You may also find practice tests from state DMV and OMV offices. Here’s a look at how you can use practice tests to prepare for the real deal. 

Start With Your State Driver’s Handbook 

While the rules of the road are similar from one state to the next, there are significant differences. That’s why it’s important to use study guides specific to your state when studying for your permit test. 

Every state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or equivalent agency publishes a Driver’s Handbook booklet, covering state driving rules. These free booklets are available at DMV and OMV offices. PDF versions can also often be downloaded at no charge. Driver's Handbooks cover everything you need to know for passing Driver’s License and Learner’s Permit written tests.  

Reading the Driver’s Handbook for your state is the best way of beginning preparation for a learner’s permit test. After reading through this booklet, you will be prepared to start taking learner’s permit practice tests.  

Tips for Taking Learners Permit Practice Tests

Once you find state-specific learners permit practice tests it’s time to use them. The practice test should be in a multiple-choice format similar to the real testing for a drivers permit. So not only will you be able to review information, you’ll also get an idea of what to expect on test day.

When you take learners permit practice tests keep these tips in mind:

  • Limit the test-taking time. Find out if there’s a time limit for the real test and use that when taking the practice tests.

  • Always review the questions you got wrong. There should be an answer guide that will give you the correct answers.

  • Take more than one practice test. The more practice tests you take the better you will get at answering questions accurately within the allotted time. 

  • Start taking practice tests early on. The sooner you start practicing the sooner you’ll start retaining information and discovering what types of concepts need more review. 

  • Take practice tests in a distraction-free zone so you can concentrate.

Studies have shown practice tests are one of the most effective ways to study. Learners permit tests are widely available online, and if you use them correctly they should help you ace that test and get a permit to drive.  

Applying What You Learned Taking Practice Tests for a Learners Permit

Written tests for learners permits are given at DMV and OMV offices. Most learner’s permit tests contain 25-50 questions and require a score above 80% to pass. In many places, the multiple-choice DMV test is now given on a touchscreen. If you used online practice tests you’ll be familiar with the format.

Find a Testing Location

Large cities often have more than one DMV office, but not every location provides driver tests. Contact the DMV or OMV in your county to find out the specifics of where you need to go to take the test. 

Requirements Before Testing

On the test day, besides passing the written test for a learner’s permit, new drivers are also required to:

  • Submit an application

  • Take a vision test 

  • Provide proof of state residency

  • Provide a certificate of completion from a state-approved Driver’s Education course (if required in your state)

  • Pay a fee

  • Provide the signature of a parent or guardian, if under 18 years old

Once that’s done the test will be administered. 

Taking the Test

Take a deep breath and relax. You have the assurance of knowing you prepared with practice tests. But don’t skip the test directions. Read through the directions completely before you begin the test so you don’t miss anything critical. 

You should get the results immediately after the test is complete. If you passed you’ll receive your learners permit and can start driving.

Driving with a Learners Permit 

Once you receive your learners permit, you will need a licensed, adult driver seated next to you in the front seat whenever you drive. You must drive for a specified number of supervised hours with your learner’s permit before you can apply for your regular driver’s license. 

Learners permit restrictions limit when you can drive and the number of passengers you can have in the vehicle. In some states, no other passengers except the supervising person are allowed in the car. Learners permits in many states limit driving to daylight and early evening hours only. 

It all starts with taking learners permit practice tests. Learning the rules of the road in your state prepares you to not only get a permit but to be a safe driver right from the start.

*This article was updated on 4/16/2020

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