How to Take Florida Driver’s Ed Online

Did you know can take all of your Florida driver’s education coursework online? All you need to do is create your own account on and sign up for the courses you need.

In Florida, the main course you need to take before you can get your license is the 4-hour drug and alcohol course officially known as Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE). You may also want to take a permit course that helps you ace your permit test.

What Is the Florida Drug and Alcohol Course?

If you have never held a Florida driver’s license or a license from another state, are below the age of 18, as part of your Florida driver’s education, you’ll first need to take the 4-hour drug and alcohol course. The online version of this course through fulfills all TLSAE requirements.

The Florida drug and alcohol course can be completed in as little as four hours, after which you can enroll to take the drug and alcohol test. The online course is available to you 24/7 and you can log in and out as you please. Just pick up right where you left off every time. Once you complete the course, you can then file to take your permit test, after which you can eventually get a graduated driver’s license, after you complete all the required behind-the-wheel training.

What the Class Covers

The drug and alcohol class covers all you need to know to become a safe, confident driver. Lessons are interactive and offer a solid base of information for being able to begin your road training. The class covers:

  • Road rules.

  • Signs.

  • Driving in inclement weather and road conditions.

  • Collision avoidance.

  • Sharing the road with other drivers.

Or You Can Take a Combo Course

Instead of just taking the Florida drug and alcohol class, some people choose to take the Florida Online Course + Permit Test combo course. This saves some money, comes with 50 free practice tests to help you feel prepared, and is completely state-approved so you can feel confident in what you're learning. When you complete this course, you can also take the permit test online, saving you a trip to the DHSMV.

After you’ve completed your drug and alcohol test and passed your permit exam, you are then ready to apply all of your knowledge to the real road environment. In Florida, parents need to supervise their teens for 50 hours of behind-the-wheel training.

Florida has created a parent-teen driving skills guide covering all the skills a teen needs to know to drive on his or her own. The final page of the guide also includes a form that must be signed in front of a DHSMV examiner or notarized. Many people don’t know it, but when you take your final driver’s exam, you are allowed any number of re-takes, too.

Choose the Right Online Course for You

With all the coursework you need to meet your Florida driver’s education requirements available online, getting your license in Florida is simple. Still, you want to make sure you’re working with a reputable online education source so you're getting a quality education that will keep you safe on the road. has trained more than 6 million drivers, and its modules are fully certified by state DMVs. It’s convenient, thorough, and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well.