How to Get a Drivers License in Indiana

Ready to start driving in Indiana? First, you will need to get a driver's license. But it may require jumping through a few hoops, especially if you're not yet 21 years old. Read on to learn all you need to know about driver's licenses in the Hoosier State. 

How to Get Your Driver's License in Indiana

The path to getting a driver's license in Indiana depends on your age. If you are under 21 but over 16 and 90 days, you can get a probationary driver's license. If you are 21 or older, you can get a standard driver's license. 

Probationary Driver's License in Indiana

To get a probationary driver's license, you first need a learner's permit. 

Learner's Permit

You can get a learner's permit as early as 15 years old, but you'll need to be enrolled in a state-approved, behind-the-wheel driving course. Once you're 16, you can get your learner's permit without enrolling in the course. 

Getting the permit also requires that you pass a vision test and knowledge exam. Further, if you are under 18, an adult will have to sign an agreement to be financially responsible for any injury or damage you cause. 

Age Requirements

Once you've had your learner's permit for 180 days, you also have to meet the age requirement for a driver's license. If you completed a driver's education course, you can get your license when you're at least 16 years and 90 days old. If you don't complete the course, you'll have to wait until you are at least 16 years and 270 days old. 

Application Process

When you're ready to apply for your probationary license, you'll need to visit a branch of Indiana's Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) and must:

  • Provide your Log of Supervised Driving (must be signed)

  • Provide proof of completed driver's education (if applicable)

  • Pass a vision screening

  • Pass a driving test (if applicable)

  • Have a parent take financial liability for you (if you're under 18)

Also, if you acquired any points on your record while driving with a learner's permit, you'll also need to take the written knowledge test. 


Why is this license called probationary? It comes with restrictions for new drivers. Most notably, you can't use a phone while driving (except to call 911), you can only drive during certain hours, driving with passengers is restricted, and you won't qualify for any court diversion programs. 

Once you turn 21, you can apply for a standard driver's license. Note, your probationary license will expire 30 days after your 21st birthday. 

Standard Driver's License in Indiana

For those who are at least 21 and would like to get a driver's license, you can apply for a standard driver's license right off the bat. To get one, you will need to:

  • Pass a vision screening

  • Pass a driving test

  • Pass a written test (when applicable)

The written test isn't typically required unless you are moving to Indiana from another country, have a license that has been expired for more than 180 days, want to add endorsements to your license, or are renewing a probationary license and have at least six points on your record. 

Get your Indiana Driver's License

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