A Guide to the Utah Driver Handbook

Before taking your written or road skills exam, it's a good idea to spend some time with the Utah Driver Handbook. This useful tool is chock full of information that will come in handy whether you're on the road to getting your permit or preparing to apply for your license, and for years to come.

What Is the Utah Driver Handbook?

The Utah Driver Handbook was created by the state's Department of Public Safety to provide an easy-to-understand summary of Utah's traffic laws. Though it features information that could benefit any driver, it's especially helpful if you're new behind the wheel. 

In addition to providing information that can help you pass your written or driving test, it can also help prepare you for unexpected situations you may encounter on the road including inclement weather, obstructed roads and even what to do if you get in an accident.

Can the Utah Driver Handbook Replace Driver's Ed?

While the handbook is a useful tool, it's not intended to replace a traditional driver's education course. In Utah, new drivers who are under 18 are required to complete a driver's education program before they can get their license.

Though the Utah Driver Handbook can't replace driver's education, it's definitely a useful supplement. It can be a particularly valuable study tool as you prepare for your written exam. That's because most new drivers get their permit before enrolling in a driver's education course.

How to Use the Utah Driver Handbook

With nearly 200 pages, it's unlikely that you're going to memorize all the material it includes. Rather, approach the document with intention.

Start with Section 13, which includes information on both the written test and road skills exam. You'll feel much more comfortable on testing day if you understand what to expect. Also, spend adequate time with Section 7, which covers the "Rules of the Road" and includes illustrations of Utah's highway signs.

Each section of the document ends with three sample test questions. As you're studying the handbook, complete all the questions and be sure that you understand the key concepts that were tested. They'll be the same concepts you'll see on the written permit exam and that you'll be tested on during your behind-the-wheel exam.

How Do I Access the Utah Driver Handbook?

The document is available on the Utah DPS website. Download it now to start studying. While you likely won't want to print the whole document, consider printing out the road signs and glossary terms to create flashcards.

Though the Utah Driver Handbook can't take the place of a driver's education course, it can work in tandem with a driver's education program to help prepare you for a lifetime of safe driving.

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