Get a Set: Texas Defensive Driving Course + Driving Record

It’s not a secret that in the United States, you have to drive to get to a lot of places. It’s a big country, and in states like Texas, it’s next to impossible to get from place to place without a driver’s license. With that privilege comes the responsibility of following the rules of the road, but people aren’t perfect.

All it takes is a moment of distraction or letting your foot get too heavy on the gas pedal, and suddenly you’re violating those road rules. The result? Flashing red and blue lights followed by a ticket.

But a ticket doesn’t have to cost you your license or a lot of money on your auto insurance. One of the benefits of having a drivers license in a state like Texas is the availability of defensive driving courses. 

Benefits of Defensive Driving Courses in Texas

Defensive driving courses help ensure driving safety, give drivers an option to clean up their driving record after a moving violation and can save you real money on insurance payments.

Today, there are a lot of defensive driving courses to choose from, to the point it can be overwhelming trying to choose the best course for your situation. It can be really hard and confusing considering that you have a limited amount of time to complete the course. Going with a random defensive driving school or the first option you find may only add angst to an already stressful situation.

To assure yourself a pleasant and hassle-free defensive driving experience, keep a couple of things in mind before making the final decision:

  • The Defensive Driving Course has to be court-approved in your location.

  • The school you are about to join has to have all the needed licenses and state approval.

  • Online programs and in-class courses are available.

  • Make sure the course is created by experienced defensive driving experts.

  • Course providers set their own price so it pays to comparison shop.

Since we’re on the subject of money, it’s worth pointing out that is the only establishment dedicated to saving you money and providing high-quality education. Let’s take a closer look at what our Texas Defensive Driving Course has to offer.

Texas Defensive Driving Course That Saves You Time and Money

The online Texas Defensive Driving Course is only $25, with absolutely no hidden fees or extra charges. And the good news doesn’t end there! appreciates your time and ensures that you won’t need to deal with any complicated forms or confusing paperwork. It only takes a few minutes to order the Defensive Driving Course and get started. We promise you that it’s the shortest course available that meets all of the Texas DPS requirements.

With you also get the convenience of being able to complete the course on your own timeline from anywhere. The virtual course actually makes learning defensive driving techniques fun and interesting. Interactive elements, videos and graphics help you learn in a way that’s much more entertaining than classroom instruction.

If you’ve gotten a ticket, you need a Defensive Driving Course to get a ticket dismissed and keep points off your driving record. You are eligible to eliminate the ticket and points by passing the course as long as you haven’t taken it within the last year.

Add Your Driving Record and Save Even More!

Need your Texas driving record to dismiss a ticket? A driving record may be required by the county court to confirm your eligibility for ticket dismissal. 

Normally it would cost you another $25, time spent waiting in DMV lines or days waiting for the mail delivery to get your driving record. With the process is a whole lot easier and a little cheaper. 

Add your driving record to your Defensive Driving Course and get both for just $47.99! We’ll provide you with an electronic DPS-certified driving record (type 3A) showing your complete driving history. You’ll save a couple of bucks and won’t have to wait or jump through extra hoops to get all of the documents you need to dismiss a ticket. You’ll receive a copy of the record within 24 hours. Later on it can be used when applying for a job, getting a better rate on your auto insurance or just for your own reference.

All you have to do is check the box for the driving record when you order the Texas Defensive Driving Course.

*This article was updated on 7/21/2020.