Driving styles that drive us crazy

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There are certain driving styles that drive us crazy! No one is perfect. At DriversEd.com, we make sure to think of others on the road every single day. In addition to covering our bases with updated rules and refreshers , we also try to practice common courtesy and common sense, which the following types of drivers do not.

The I-might-be-looking-for-a-parking-spot-never-mind-just-kidding Driver

We all know this prince of annoying drivers. You may have been kind enough to let them clumsily switch lanes. But your good deed didn’t go unpunished. Now they’re in front of you. They might want to park, they might not. They’re just sort of slowly cruising in the middle of the lane, stopping and going, without regard for you, the kind stranger who let them get in front. You don’t want to feel like the bad guy by taking back your initial kind gesture. Even a gentle honk would be kind of rude, and a little like going back on your word. And that makes you an enabler until you put on your shades, avoid eye contact and pass this clown. Don’t worry; they’ll be too busy looking for parking (or is it some change they thought they dropped on the sidewalk last week?) to notice.

The I-didn’t-qualify-for-NASCAR-and-I’m-having-a-bad-day-so-I’ll-scare-everyone-with-my-erratic-pace Driver

This delightful road hogger is in a big hurry! Seriously, time is money. They are REALLY important. And they are late for a very important appointment. You’re the one person who’s getting between them and closing the deal. But don’t be surprised when they try to race you to a red light (after cutting you off of course) and then pull over for a lonely lunch at Taco Bell just a few blocks later. They’re all about controlling the road.  Where did they learn to drive (you might be thinking)? Certainly not with DriversEd.com . Whether or not they have somewhere to be, they want to feel important so they drive as if the president’s life depends on them. Let them pass, stay away, and call your local police station if their driving seems dangerous.

The Bunny Driver

Hesitant, docile and nervous as a rabbit. They mean no harm, except they’re so cautious and slow that they might just be breaking the law with their snail’s pace. Before making a right turn, they spend a whole minute scanning the road, then decide to wait for the light to turn green anyway. A close cousin of the I-might-be-looking-for-a-parking-spot-never-mind-just-kidding Driver, the Bunny is also frustrating because you don’t want to honk and make them feel bad, it might scare them further down the rabbit hole into a complete freeze. But you do have somewhere to be. Best advice here is to try to pass them without giving them a heart attack. In other words, don’t pull a I-didn’t-qualify-for-NASCAR-and-I’m-having-a-bad-day-so-I’ll-scare-everyone-with-my-erratic-pace move. Two wrongs don’t make a right–or give you the right-of-way.

For more tips on how to handle these drivers–and how to avoid becoming one!–check out a defensive driving class . Depending on your state, you might be eligible for a discount from your insurance provider. After all, driving styles may differ, but everybody likes somebody who’s safe behind the wheel. And if there are some other drivers that drive you crazy, feel free to comment with suggestions. Did we miss any?