Driving Safety and Big Cities

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Dangerous for driving cities

According to some psychological theories, different cities have different energies. I am sure you have experienced that: a new place seems to be very familiar and comfortable, people are amiable and open. Or a drastically opposite scenario: the city you are visiting looks nice, but you feel anxiety and tension, some of people ignore you, other talk aggressively and even rude.

One of the possible explanation is that city’s arrangement influences people’s behavioral patterns. Those patterns inject the community with energy, which then informs almost all the aspects of our life: values we appreciate, how compassionate we are, the way we talk, where we spend our free time, what we wear, and, yeah: the way we drive.

Unlike unusual clothing styles, which are pretty harmless however they look, any extraordinary driving habits can lead to bad consequences. According to CDC research , vehicle accidents are the number-one cause of death for people aged 15-24 years old. And they are spread unevenly across the country.

The National Vital Statistics System (NVSS) and the U.S. Census Bureau named the safest and most dangerous cities for driving in the U.S. The study included 50 most populous metropolitan areas, and is based on death rate.

So, here are the winners of the safe driving places:

Boston, MA
Buffalo, NY
Hartford, CT
Newark, NJ
Plano, TX
Providence, RI
Salt Lake City, UT
Long Beach, CA
St. Paul, MN

The most dangerous for driving cities:

Orlando, FL
Memphis, TN
Glendale, TN
Miami, FL
Las Vegas, NV
Birmingham, AL
Sacramento, CA
Tampa, FL
San Antonio, TX
Jacksonville, FL

As you can see, two cities in a single state can be very safe, or very dangerous; one state can even have a city that is very safe and another that is deadly. And I guess no one can say for sure, why this happens, at least I couldn’t find the one elucidating answer. Apparently the reasons can include:

— Specific conditions of roads in different places, that can affect driving
— Different weather conditions or other environmental factors of the place
— People’s behavior: conscious neglecting to comply the laws and traffic rules

But whatever the reasons may be, it’s obvious that even the safest city has bad drivers. Your best bet is to protect yourself the best you can, and the best way to do that is with the best driver’s ed around.