Wake-Up Call: 7 Shocking Road Rage Statistics You Didn’t Know

7 Shocking Road Rage Statistics 

As a driver, you’ve likely run into — figuratively speaking, we hope — road rage. Perhaps you’ve even been a road rage victim, yourself. Unfortunately, road rage or aggressive driving are exceptionally common, and we might even have driven aggressively, ourselves. Here are seven shocking road rage statistics you may never have heard.

  1.  53% Consider Speeding Normal 

Especially at rush hour, over half of all drivers consider driving 10 mph over the speed limit to be perfectly normal. For the other 47%, this is seen as aggressive behavior, which can raise the ire of even calm drivers. Speeding and other aggressive driving maneuvers also significantly increase the chances and severity of car crashes.

  2.  94% of Collisions are Due to Human Error

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates over 94% of car crashes are caused by human error. About a third of these can be linked to road rage causes or road rage itself, such as speeding, changing lanes without signaling, tailgating, illegal maneuvers.

  3.  50% Become Aggressors 

Being the victim of such bad driving habits or driver errors, angered or anxious drivers might themselves respond in kind. Half of drivers admit to resorting to horn-honking, light-flashing, rude gestures, shouting, and aggressive driving after another driver has done it to them.

  4.  2% Admit Revenge 

Sometimes, such aggression takes a step further, including tailgating, short-braking, even bumping, and about 2% of drivers admit to attempting to run another aggressive driver off the road!

  5.  37% Involve Firearms 

As if this weren’t scary enough, over two-thirds of road rage incidents involve at least one firearm, which can significantly raise the danger level, not only for the drivers involved, but other drivers and pedestrians in the area.

  6.  66% of Traffic Fatalities 

Every year, around 30,000 people die in car crashes, in spite of safer vehicles and traffic laws designed to protect drivers, passengers, and pedestrians alike. As it turns out, no safety system in the world can protect you from an aggressive driver, possibly linked to two-thirds of all traffic fatalities.

  7.  30 Murders per Year 

Every year, about 30 murders are linked to road rage. This is the sad disastrous result of rage-fueled car crashes, the use of firearms to solve traffic disputes, even bringing the violence right into people’s homes.

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