Car Parking: Challenges and Simple Solutions

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car parking ticket What is your biggest challenge when parking? To find a parking space? To find a free parking space? To squeeze your car into a tiny spot without holding up traffic and damaging anything? Or perhaps not to forget where you left your wheels? Or all of these aspects of car parking?

Parking is an important skill, as crucial as other driving techniques and traffic rules. Parking issues can even be a stumbling block in the decision of purchasing a car. With the growing amount of vehicles on our roads, parking is becoming a more and more demanding task. But every problem has a certain solution. And you can easily solve some of your parking worries by learning how to deal with the most common difficulties.

Look Around Before Walking Away

Parking in residential areas is definitely a good idea: quiet, safe streets and no need to pay. But before leaving your four-wheel darling by the curb, check all the signs and curb markings carefully. Most of the time, if you don’t have the special area permit, you will have limited time for parking. Usually the limit varies from 30 minutes to 4 hours, and after that you will have to re-park your vehicles at least in a different block.

The Car’s Not Here!

Another fairly common situation, if you frequently use street parking: you come to the place where you left your vehicle and it is just not there! You are one hundred percent sure that you parked the car right under this tree, right on this corner. But, wait…maybe not one hundred percent sure. Maybe you’ve left it in a different place, but where then? And you just don’t remember…. It’s not the most pleasant feeling, and if you know that this occasionally happens to you, prevent yourself from unnecessary stress! Next time you park, spend a second to write down the names of the cross streets, take a picture with your phone or even use a smartphone app  to know for sure where to find your wheels.

car parking

Speaking of Apps…

Don’t waste your time cruising around looking for a car parking spot. Head straight to an open spot with SFpark if you live in San Francisco, with ParkPal if you live in New York, or with ParkMe , which is adopted to multiple cities.

Technological innovations don’t snooze and it seems like they do everything to make our lives more comfortable. Take advantage of the car parking apps available and save your time and sanity for more complex driving matters.

Public Parking Garages

Crowded downtown areas have a good alternative to street parking–public garages. But spending half of your night’s budget just on a car parking lot may seem like a total rip-off! Don’t get frustrated, do some research first. Some public garages actually have really attractive deals, as cheap as 1$ an hour at certain times. That will save you hours of cruising around places, where your friends are already having fun.

Parking Ticket?! For What?!

Here is the situation: you parked perfectly in the spot where you were allowed to park. No laws were violated, no rules were broken. But after finishing your business, you come back to the spot and see the parking ticket. “What did I do wrong?” you scream. Indeed, why is a ticket here? Don’t fret and inspect the ticket first. There is a chance, that you’ve received a fake parking ticket: Internet criminals use fake parking tickets to get people to go to web sites that will infect their computers with viruses and other harmful software.