Winter Driving and Ski Season

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winter driving

Image by Marcin Wichary

Feels like the winter has almost gone away…almost! The cold season likes to fight for its place and loves to surprise with sudden blizzards and snowfall, which don’t make driving a breeze. The best advice of all time is not to drive in bad weather conditions, unless you really have to, but there can be circumstances when you’d better know how to deal with winter driving.

Example: during a ski trip to the mountains, snowstorms can catch you off the guard. In March, the adverse wind is warmer, lift tickets are cheaper and slopes are not as crowded as during the holiday season. But despite the fact that it’s still a really good time to enjoy the extreme winter thrills,  bad weather and road conditions can become a fly in the ointment of your spotless trip.

To remain safe and sound during your winter adventure, check out some tips on driving in adverse weather conditions . Or, even better, take a defensive driving course to ensure that you know how to deal with the vast range of unpredictable and most dangerous road situations.

And even if you’re a perfect driver, it’s not always up to you to handle all the winter driving issues; your little metal darling should be ready for the challenges of the cold  as well. Check out this list of the things you can do to winterize your car .

Don’t forget that on some mountain roads tire chains are required. Check in advance for info on the place you are going, and be prepared to shoe your horse to make it stable for winter driving on slippery roads. Consider saving some money by renting the chains from a local auto parts shop, since the price near a ski resort can be few times higher.

You can also familiarize yourself with how to install the chains, so you can do it yourself instead of waiting in a lane to be assisted.

And again, being extremely attentive on the road is half the battle, so be careful while driving to winter activities.