Tips to Prepare Yourself and Your Teen for Driving School

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It's finally that time. Your teen is about to embark on the journey of driving. 

But beginning that journey can be a little more stressful and confusing than you anticipated. What do we need to know? How do we prepare? Where is the best driving school near me? It can feel like you end up doing more work as the parent than your teen does learning to drive.

Well, we are here to help. We have gathered the best tips to prepare yourself and your teen for driving school.

7 Tips to Prepare You and Your Teen for Driving School 

1. Go Over the Material

Brush up on your state traffic laws and research what exactly will be covered in your local driving schools. Even if you haven’t decided on a driving school yet, simply researching “driver's ed” should give you a good idea of what will be covered in class. As an experienced driver, you may think you know what instructors will go over, but you might be surprised by what you find out.

2. Be a Role Model

After refreshing your memory on driving and traffic laws, put them into practice. You want to set an example to help your teen learn the correct way to drive. After years of driving, you can get really comfortable and relaxed on the rules. Your teen needs to know how to drive according to the law so they can pass their test, and they will be looking to you for guidance.

3. A Driving School ‘Near Me’: In-person vs. Online Driving Schools

Do your research by looking up “driving schools near me” to decide what will be best for your teen. What’s available near you? Are there in-person classes, or will online courses be a better fit? Some states do not accept online driver's ed, so check for your state online. Be sure to look at reviews and comments from former students with your teen to get a feel for what the driving school is all about. 

No matter what you decide, contact an instructor ahead of time to get the inside scoop on the class. You can also ask them questions on how you can best support your teen at home and get tips on how to instruct your teen to drive when it’s your turn to be the teacher.

4. Talk About What They Will Learn

Once you have reviewed the laws and chosen a driving school near you, then you should be able to talk to your teen about what they will be learning. Give them a little crash course to help ease their anxiety and give them some context to what will be happening in class. After you have discussed the laws, you can also go over things while they are the passenger and you are driving. Explain what you are doing, the signs you are following, and why things happen the way they do on the road.

5. Book Your In-car Driving Lessons Ahead of Time

Teens who are of driving age are usually pretty busy — practices, homework, friends, etc. You can book your in-car driving lessons ahead of time to find times that fit your busy schedule. It’s easy to find and sign up for driving lessons online that are available all over the country. Make sure the driving lessons you sign up for are accredited and accepted by your state before you book. 

6. Safe Driving Practices

It is extremely important to talk to your teen about safe driving practices. Teach them about distracted driving and how dangerous it is. As you know, the road is a serious and dangerous place. Teens may not fully understand the severity of their poor choices while driving. 

7. Set Up a Driving Agreement

Before you know it, your teen will be driving away on their own. While they are in driving school, you should sit down together and make a driving agreement. What time do they need to be home? What are the rules on electronics in the car? Where are they allowed to go? All of these questions should be answered and agreed upon so your teen understands what you expect of them.