Texas Police Will Stop Typing While Driving

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Texas police The Farmers Branch Police Department will now be protected by technology . New devices in patrol cars will discourage distracted driving among Farmers Branch police officers. Specifically, the devices will prevent officers from typing while driving more than 15 miles per hour by locking the keyboard. Seems like Texas police will be fighting distracted driving by being good role models.

These new devices will be installed in every police car in Farmers Branch and will help prevent the crashes, injuries and expensive car repairs of distracted driving.

Dangerous Distracted Driving

It would be excellent if the same devices were installed in every driver’s car and could lock the screens of  phones and electronic devices for the same purpose: to eliminate the driver’s temptation to text and drive on the road, to talk on the phone, update statuses and reply to tweets. According to statistics, every year on U.S. roads, approximately 400,000 people get killed or injured at the fault of distracted drivers. Cell phone use alone accounts for 2,600 vehicle fatalities! And still there is no state law in Texas that would prohibit adults from the risky activity of using electronic devices behind the wheel.

Distracted driving is a bad habit that can lead to horrifying consequences: injuries, costly car repairs, or even death. But while we don’t have a device or service to be the panacea for distracted driving, it is only up to us–the drivers–to keep the roads safe.

Who Is Responsible for Your Safety?

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Countless Benefits of a Defensive Driving Course

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Remember that texts and online communication should wait until your trip is over. Even Texas police officers are staying off their dashboard computers while driving, even though it is necessary part of their job. There’s no doubt that every driver should follow their example!