New Year’s Driving Resolutions

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New Year's Driving Resolutions First days of the New Year. Festive holiday celebrations are over, and it’s time to start a new dynamic and productive year. Success is always a matter of work, and therefore to help us start the year, we quickly form New Year’s resolutions. If you are tired of all the trivial goals that are too boring to keep up with, such as to lose some weight, start going to the gym, walk more or stop eating junk food, you can establish simpler commitments! How about New Year’s driving resolutions? They are easy to keep, ensure everyone’s safety, and are good habits to have, especially if you have passengers in the car soaking up all your driving habits. Not to mention, they are beneficial in terms of saving you money on tickets and car insurance.

OK, I resolve to:

Not talk and text while driving . We all have heard about the potentially deadly consequences of distracted driving. Some agencies state that texting while driving is even worse than drunk driving. Turn in your phone to passengers or hide it in a glove box.
Not drink and drive . Can you promise yourself not to have any alcohol if you’re going to get behind-the-wheel? Keeping that resolution can turn into a good habit and set a good example for others.
Travel fuel-efficiently and cut mileage . Traveling more consciously, planning routes and avoiding unnecessary routes will help reduce gas consumption, reduce mileage and therefore lower insurance premiums.
Control anger at other drivers . Seems like drivers are the most irascible people on Earth. Every wrong move draws millions of gestures from motorists around. Expressing your irritation is annoying, it is dangerous, it is very distracting! Keep calm and don’t forget that everybody makes mistakes. I am sure keeping this resolution will prevent you from unnecessary stress, conflicts and collisions.
Maintain the car regularly . Make a commitment to get a check-up for the car once in several hundred miles. And as a matter of usual practice check your tires: tread and inflation are important to keeping your car safe.
Road-trip more.  Beauty is around every corner; don’t miss your chance to see new places and opportunities to try new things.
Buy a dream car ! Maybe it is just the time to do so?

Unusual, extraordinary and incredibly fun driving things, that cannot be delayed another year.

Learn to drive stick shift . Well, first of all it’s fun to drive with both feet engaged, steering with one hand, and keeping up with the speed at all times. Secondly, you will definitely like feeling in full control of your vehicle, driving in perfect gear, and switching whenever you think it is right.
Learn to ride a motorcycle . Good solution for the point #3 above: “Be more fuel efficient”. Fun and breathtaking rides on a motorcycle/scooter can also save a lot of money on gas. Motorcycles can be a good substitution for the car, when you don’t need to carry stuff, people or hide yourself from bad weather.
— If a real car race is something that you are still not ready for, have a ride on a go-kart ! Feel like Michael Schumacher, and even if that feeling only lasts a few minutes, I promise it’ll be worth it!
Earn your drivers license if you still don’t have it! Even regular driving is a lot of fun and is an incredibly convenient way to transport yourself from one point of space to another. Don’t miss out on this pleasure!