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This was pretty fun to do. The interactive activities and the videos kept my focus...I enjoyed it more than just reading a ton of books.

- Summer G., 16

  • Our Testimonials

    Over 6 million people have used DriversEd.com. Here are just some of the comments from students, parents, and teachers, plus reviews from the media.

  • "Loved your course. It was a very effective and time-saving way of taking drivers ed."

    - Chelsea E.

    "DriversEd.com is the best thing that's ever happened to me … DriversEd.com allows me to stay at home without bothering family. Although I'm only 50% done with the course, it has been excellent so far … especially sinceDriversEd.com lets you experience 20% of the course before you decide to pay and continue."

    - Devin B.

    "I think you are wonderful. I didn't miss one question on my test. This will make me a better driver. Thanks for all your help."

    - Rosella H.

    "I love being able to do this on my OWN time! I was going to take a drivers ed course that cost about 300 dollars, and then I found you guys. Not only are you cheaper than EVERYONE else, but also I can do it whenever I want. And with my busy lifestyle, that's perfect.

    - Hayden G.

    "I used your program over a year ago and I'm still happy … It took me about a day or two to complete the course, and I learned a lot. I passed the written exam on my FIRST try, which was impressive since many of my friends didn't pass on their first few attempts. Doing this gave me a head start on getting my license faster. Once I got my license, I told my cousin about it. He used your course and now we both have our licenses. Keep up the great work! =)"

    - Shonal N.

    "It was a very fun experience—the comfort of driving school at your own home or on the go. I must say that I definitely enjoyed drivers ed online. I highly recommend this to anyone. Trust me, you won't regret it."

    - Daniel C.

    "This program was great! It made me very aware of so many things. It insures I watch out for every little thing I do and other drivers do. It helped me be more alert. It was quick, educational and convenient."

    - Kristina S.

    "I like how I can take it anytime, at my own convenience. It was easier than expected and it helped me a lot … Now that I have taken this class, I seem to observe and analyze other drivers while on my way to school. Thanks a lot. Keep on doing as you have."

    - Ileia T.

    "I think this is the best thing to do. Drivers ed online is easy and fun. It was a lot better than sitting in a class for 30 hours."

    - Ryan M.

    "I used DriversEd.com services and loved it! Comments: it taught me a lot for when I'm on the road. It's great ... I totally recommend it ... with a whole bunch to learn about which is another plus."

    - Alicia V.

    "I started your DMV practice tests in September of 2006. On my earliest practice tests, I was off to a rocky start. But in the final tests, I was on top of the drivers ed mountain! Your program has given me the confidence to try for my license. So, I just wanted to say 'thank you very much' for having such an easy-to-follow program online!"

    - Chris W.

    "I found DriversEd.com very useful. I come from England and found all the road rules here quite different from what I was used to. Your tests were pretty close to the real thing. Doing them made me feel a lot more confident going into the written test, which I did yesterday and passed the first time. So thanks, a great course and good value too."

    - J. Myers

  • "At first I looked at online drivers ed programs with skepticism, but after observing the amount of information my son was able to grasp. I am completely satisfied with the course. The ability to review information when needed is an excellent bonus."

    - Beth R.

  • "DriversEd.com has grown into one of the most professional enterprises engaged in driver safety education in North America."

    - Hale Gammill, Executive Director, Driving School Association of the Americas (DSAA)

    "The program is very user friendly for my students … It has excellent graphics to keep students interested in the program and has easy to read test results for the instructor. After my students complete the class the certificate is sent directly to the student's home so they can then go directly to the DMV for their written test. I would recommend any other school or individual wanting to take their drivers education course to do it through DriversEd.com."

    - Audra Hall. Instructor, Julian Charter School-Pine Valley Academy

    "I am a driving school owner here in Orange County and I have taught many of the area's high school students how to drive. They all seem better prepared for driving after taking the online DriversEd.com course. [Students who take this online course] feel more confident, knowledgeable, and have more of a real understanding for what they're going to be doing in the behind-the-wheel portion. I have more confidence and an easier time teaching the students that complete the online DriversEd.com course than the students who complete the in-class time. They understand what they are doing. It is the best foundation!"

    - Kevin R. Cruz, Drivers Ed Driving School (Drivers Ed Driving School is not owned or affiliated with DriversEd.com)

    "... DriversEd.com is designed to assist schools and parents by providing a high quality drivers education program at a discounted price."

    - Ken McCraw, Executive Director, Texas Association of Community Schools

  • "I just discovered DriversEd.com. We know how boring sitting in that drivers ed class can be, so why not try out DriversEd.com? Not only can you complete the course online, but you can even shop for used cars, take practice tests and enroll in traffic school."

    - The Sacramento Bee

    "The real innovations of the course are the tricks it uses to ensure that students don't rush through lessons or ask someone else to sit in for them."

    - Fortune

    "[DriversEd.com's] traffic school is taking a different approach by working on a voice-recognition component for its online course. When students sign up for the course, they must speak into their computers, using a microphone. They can also call into the service using a regular telephone."

    - The New York Times

    "Now, DriversEd.com is the largest Web-based drivers education school in the country, with about 500,000 unique visitors a month."

    - The Oakland Tribune

    "The Web can be a tool in learning the rules of the road and keeping up to date on skills. Here are some helpful sites … DriversEd.com."

    - Gannett News Service

    "This website [DriversEd.com] has just set up a new set of learning tools to help wannabe drivers learn quickly and efficiently about the life and experience of being behind the wheel."

    - DashBoard

    "Solid course material coupled with interactive features, movies, quizzes and tests give students taking the Oakland, California-based [DriversEd.com] company's classes a more than adequate education better suited to today's computer teens."

    - The Reno Journal Gazette

    "DriversEd.com also has begun using popular social-networking website MySpace.com for marketing. Earlier this year the company posted a profile page on MySpace for its mascot 'Kelly,' who likes 'fast cars,' movies like The Fast and the Furious and counts Henry Ford as her hero."

    - The Wall Street Journal

    "An online program lets them fit in their drivers ed coursework whenever and wherever they like—home, school, or public library. A unique feature of DriversEd.com is that it even allows students to download the DMV practice tests onto their PDA's, which they carry wherever they go."

    - Edmunds.com