Mountain Road Trip

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Mountain Road

The summer heat is finally over and it is time to breathe the fresh air of the new season. I am sure there is nothing more calming and invigorating, than the pure air and stunning landscapes of mountains. A weekend in the mountains can be a peerless time to enjoy outdoor activities, spend time with family and just recharge yourself with new memories. Pick the most appealing peak and get ready to have fun in a mountain road trip!

If you are a professional vacationer, I am sure it won’t be hard for you to get ready for a trip, plan your routes and take all the needed equipment. But, if you are the type of person whose urban escapes happen on a rare occasion, you probably should prepare a bit more thoroughly to make your journey a stress-free joyful adventure, especially if you are a designated driver. Perhaps, few tips below will help you handle mountain-road twists smoothly and avoid unpleasant surprises.

— Do a detailed check of your vehicle before hitting the hilly road. The most important things to check are engine oil, coolant level and tires. Riding the hills requires more braking, which heats up the car fast.
— Also, packing some motion sickness medication can come handy on the trip.
— Try to avoid hilly regions in rain and snow. Wheels easily lose the grip with a road on slippery surfaces, so the car can slide off the road within seconds.
— Switch on the headlights even during the daytime (one part of the mountain road is always in shadow). It’ll be a good way to warn oncoming traffic of your approaching.
— Needless to say, that it is vital to keep the headlights on during the dark hours.
— Honk before each blind curve and hairpin. There is no other way to make sure that you’re noticed by oncoming drivers.
— If inclines get steeper, switch off the AC. Thereby overheating of the car engine will be averted.