How to Stop Texting Behind the Wheel

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Texting behind the wheel

Everyone knows that texting behind the wheel is a dangerous contrivance, but apparently not everyone can control the typing habit. If you’re having trouble keeping the phone out of your hand when you’re driving, maybe some of these will help!

Helpful tips from NHTSA include:

— Find a designated driver
— Switch your phone into silent mode, so you won’t be tempted to answer a call, text, or email
— Put your phone into “airplane” mode, so you can’t get calls, texts, or emails
— Just put your mobile device as far away as possible, inside a bag or in your glove compartment

These tips will help you not to be tempted to use the phone while you are behind the wheel. But if for some reason all of the above fail, maybe it’s time to address the problem at its inception — at the phone itself, and find an app, which will hold you back from making a potentially fatal mistake.

1. AT&T Drive Mode When the app is turned on, notification sounds for incoming phone calls, messages and emails are silenced, and those who are calling, texting or emailing you receive an auto-reply. Auto-reply is customizable. Also you can reach 911 and five other pre-approved numbers at any time.
2. Textecution Completely disables texting if it recognizes that the phone travels faster than 10mph. If the phone holder is a passenger or moving on the bus, then he or she should get the text permission from the app’s administrator to continue using the phone.
3. iZUP harnesses the power of GPS to hold text messages, e-mails and calls while you’re driving, yet always allows unlimited access to 911 and a list of authorized phone numbers.
4. WebSafety prevents emailing, texting and web-browsing while driving and in specified “zones”. The app provides vast variety of parental controls and GPS tracking.
5. Txtblocker You can customize the locations and times of the day where phone call and text messages are not allowed. Though, numbers from the safe list along with 911 can always be connected.
6. Otter has GPS / Parental Control Feature. Parents can enter a password and know that while their teen’s phone is in a moving vehicle, the app will silence all primary text notifications and auto-reply with an anti texting and driving message.
7. App4Drivers allows its owner set some limits or restrictions. The app is able to map out texting, speeding, quick accelerations or sudden braking while the vehicle is moving, and if any of the set restrictions were broken, the app sends a report to the car owner.