How Do I Get a Mandatory Discount on Car Insurance?

If you're looking for a simple way to cut the cost of your auto insurance, you're in luck. There are several online courses that are guaranteed to get you an insurance discount and help you save!

While many online drivers ed and defensive driving courses come with a vague promise that you might qualify for an insurance discount, these courses will earn you a mandatory car insurance discount. That means you won't have to risk sitting through the entire course only to be turned down for a discount by your insurance provider.

How Mandatory Insurance Discounts Work

In select states, completing an approved defensive driving or driver improvement course will earn you a guaranteed discount on your car insurance. These insurance reductions are mandated by law, and usually last for 2 or 3 years. In many cases, you can even retake the course to renew your discount.

The exact amount of your car insurance discount will depend on your insurance provider and your driving history, so you'll want to check the law in your state and talk to your insurance provider about it.

Car Insurance Discount Courses

If you live in one of the states listed below, getting a discount on car insurance is easy. All the courses listed below are state-approved, and insurance providers are required by law to provide a discount if you complete the course.

  • California Mature Driver Improvement Course

    For Californians ages 55 and older only, a taking DMV-approved California mature driver improvement course can earn you a mandatory reduction in car insurance of up to 15% for 3 years.

  • Colorado Mature Driver Improvement Course

    Colorado drivers who are 55 or older can take a DMV-approved Colorado mature driver improvement course to earn a mandatory car insurance discount of up to 15% for 3 years.

  • Delaware Insurance Reduction Course

    Taking an approved Delaware insurance reduction course will earn residents a mandatory auto insurance discount of 10% for 3 years.

  • Delaware 3-Year Refresher/Renewal Course

    Delaware drivers who have already completed the Delaware insurance reduction course can take the Delaware 3-year refresher/renewal course after 3 years to renew their discount and increase it to 15% for another 3 years.

  • Kansas Defensive Driving Course

    Drivers in Kansas can earn a 3-year reduction in auto insurance by taking a Kansas defensive driving course. The amount of the reduction is based on your insurance provider and driving history. The discount can be renewed after 3 years.

  • New Jersey Defensive Driving Course

    Residents of New Jersey can complete an approved New Jersey defensive driving course to earn a mandatory 5% discount on car insurance for 3 years. After 3 years, the discount will increase to 10% if the driver completes the course again. From there, the 10% discount can continue to be renewed every 3 years.

  • New York PIRP Course

    The New York State Point & Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP) allows residents to take an approved course to earn a mandatory 10% reduction in auto insurance for up to 3 years.

  • North Dakota Defensive Driving Course

    Completing an approved North Dakota defensive driving course will earn you mandatory car insurance discount of up to 5% for up to 2 years.