What to Expect on the Georgia Driver's License Test

getting a drivers license

If you are gearing up for your Georgia driving test, then it’s natural to be a little nervous. Simply knowing what to expect from the classroom tuition and practical assessment will help you relax and get in the right frame of mind to pass the first time and get your Georgia driver's license.

What Is Joshua’s Law?

Joshua’s Law came into force in 2007 in Georgia in a bid to improve driver training standards. Thirty hours of classroom tuition became compulsory, as well as curfews and passenger restrictions for new drivers. You will need 40 hours of supervised driving under your belt before you arrive at the test facility as well.

"The State of Georgia sets exceptionally high standards for its young drivers, something we believe has contributed to reduced fatalities and improved safety on the roads as a whole," said a spokesperson for the Georgia Department of Public Safety, which oversees the Georgia State Patrol.

Georgia has some of the toughest requirements for new drivers. Online driver education systems mean that students can complete a lot of the course from the comfort of their own home, though, so the classroom component isn't quite the arduous slog it sounds.

Get Ready for the Paper Work

You’ll need paperwork when you come to take your test and lots of it. You’ll need:

  • The insurance and registration of the car you’ll use for the test.

  • Proof of your address and Social Security number.

  • School enrolment details for students under 18. 

That’s a lot to remember, but don’t get turned away because you forgot a document.

Head Online and Do Your Homework

Many students are apprehensive about the classroom component, but you can study the Georgia Drivers Manual online at any time. Most leading driver's education companies have multimedia libraries as well as practice permit tests for GA so you can arrive at the test center full of confidence rather than fear. 

When it comes to the test, your examiner will examine your knowledge of the rules of the road. You can study the basic rules, but the best driver's ed courses will help you digest, understand and remember.

On your test, you'll also need to know specific techniques to pass the practical driving test. They include the dreaded parallel parking, as well as reversing in a straight line, turning in a narrow space, and basics like yielding at a stop sign. 

Coping With Nerves

When it comes to the test, your adrenaline will spike and you will be nervous. That's why it's best to have these maneuvers hardwired by the time you arrive at the test center. The better prepared you are, the less your nerves will affect you.

Even the best-prepared students can struggle with nerves when the watchful eyes of the examiner are upon them. The best advice is to arrive early, make time to relax, and take deep breaths if panic rears its ugly head. Do that, and your Georgia driver's license test will be a walk in the park.