Comfortable Shoes for Comfortable Driving

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Active Braking System, Intelligent Speed Assist, and even Driver Knee Airbags–to say nothing of the many more car safety features currently available or under development–have been created by automobile manufacturers to make our driving as safe as possible, but sometimes collisions occur for a reason that no technological innovation can fix: a simple lack of driving preparation. That’s why everyone should take a high-quality drivers ed course . But being prepared to drive safely doesn’t stop there. For example, the wrong choice of shoes can make it harder for you to control your vehicle, and that can have deadly consequences for driving safety.

The issue is relevant not only to fashionistas wearing high-heels on a regular basis, but also to everyone who occasionally likes to drive a car in sandals or flip-flops or with no shoes at all. The California Highway Patrol recommends that drivers not drive barefoot. Why? One answer is pretty obvious when you think about it. A loose shoe can slip away and get jammed behind the brakes or gas pedal–causing hazardous consequences. You definitely need to be able to push your brake pedal down without a shoe blocking it! A bare foot will make you put more pressure on the pedal than you usually do when you’re wearing shoes. That can affect braking or accelerating time, creating dangerous situations. It will also tire your leg muscles quicker, and a tired driver is not capable of driving safely.

Now, when you’re choosing a new pair of shoes in the store, keep driving safety in mind. Consider whether you will wear the shoes while driving. If you do plan to wear your new shoes behind the wheel, make sure that the shoe’s sole is not too thick, too thin, too flexible, slippery or too heavy. That will ensure that you are applying the right amount of pressure on the pedals. Your ankle shouldn’t be confined with any parts of the shoe: this will allow you to change the pedals smoothly and quickly. And surely the avoidance of wearing high-heels during driving will become a token of your commitment to driving safety: it won’t let your feet miss the pedal or slip off it.

Always keep an extra pair of shoes in your trunk. At least until shoe companies will release something like these convertibles for sale! By the way, ladies, would you wear them?

Convertible Shoes for Driving

comfortable convertible shoes for driving