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Avoiding Collisions with Animals

Each year national highways count thousands of collisions with wildlife. They cause deaths, injuries and expensive car damages. Wildlife/vehicle collisions frequently occur in areas where large numbers of deer and elk are present directly adjacent to high-traffic-volume highway segments.

You can minimize the risk of hitting wild animals if you take special care near deer-crossing warning signs. Be aware that deer adapt well to living close to humans and that some populated areas are as likely as rural areas to have deer around.

If you see one animal, expect that there are others nearby. Know which seasons and times are worse than others. If you do see a deer or other animal in the road ahead, don't slam on the brakes. Keep your lane position, and sound your horn while braking in a controlled manner. Sudden panic stops are not a good idea, as they could spook the animal, causing it to suddenly dart into the path of another vehicle.