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Road Workers

Road Workers

Workers who must be on highways try hard to warn you of their presence by using orange signs, equipment, flags, and jackets. It's up to you to ensure both your own and the workers' safety by driving slowly through work areas.

Highway maintenance vehicles, such as bulldozers, often move slowly on or next to the road. They are usually painted orange. Be prepared to slow down or stop for them. When you see orange equipment on the road, people on foot are often working nearby. One or more lanes may be closed when roadwork is going on. Orange signs warn you that you must be prepared for people and slow moving equipment on the road. Signs will tell you which lanes are closed. A line of orange cones will show you the closed lane. Do not cross the line of cones. Sometimes a flashing arrow will tell you to move left or right. Make your lane change early and safely.

Don't stop to watch roadwork. Always obey special signs and instructions as you pass. NOTE: fines are doubled for certain violations committed in highway construction or maintenance zones.