How to Handle Road Rage

To handle aggressive drivers, follow these rules:

  • Do not react to insults, gestures, or other rude behavior.
  • Do not respond in any way, either verbally or behaviorally, other than to back off and give the aggressive driver room to "leave."
  • Stay away from drivers who are speeding or exhibiting another form of anxiety.
  • Do not engage the aggressive driver—do not establish eye contact.
  • Do not try to gain the upper hand and never try to teach someone a "lesson."
Girl and guy in the car

Here are some positive ways to handle road rage in other drivers as well as in yourself:

  • Be tolerant.
  • Be forgiving and realize that you make mistakes too.
  • Be helpful and courteous to every driver, even rude ones.
  • Develop a sense of humor.
Smiling car drivers
  • Be physically fit. A good exercise regimen is an excellent way to blow off steam.
  • Eat properly and get enough rest.
  • Confide in a friend on a regular basis—don't let your emotions pile up. Talk them out.