What You Might Find on the Atlanta Written Test

Before you can sit behind the wheel and hit the road in Atlanta, you need to pass a knowledge test. Many students dread this part, but there's nothing to fear. If you take the time to study and learn what you might find on the Atlanta written test, you'll pass with driving colors.

The Atlanta Written Test Is Split Into Two Parts

The written test in Atlanta, and all of Georgia, is divided into two sections. You must pass each part of the test if you want to get your driver's license. The examiner will give you around 30 minutes to complete the entire knowledge test. Keep in mind that you may request an oral test if you have a reading disability.

Road Signs Test

First, you'll encounter the road signs test. It has 20 multiple-choice questions.

As you might have guessed, you'll be asked to identify highway signs, signals, and markings. For example, you may be asked to name a red eight-sided traffic sign from three different options: a) yield sign, b) stop sign, c) information sign. (Hint: the right answer is b), stop sign.)

You must answer a minimum of 15 answers correctly to pass this section. It's also important to keep in mind that all questions and answers will be in English for this portion.

Road Rules Test

Then, you will sit the road rules test. It also has 20 multiple choice questions, of which you need to get at least 15 right.

This portion of the written exam will ask you about driver responsibilities, road laws, and safe driving practices. For instance, you could be given a hypothetical scenario of two cars coming up to an intersection at the same time and asked about who has the right of way.

Unlike the road signs test, you may take this portion of the exam in a foreign language. Road rules tests are available in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

How to Pass the Atlanta Written Test

About 70% of Georgia teens fail the 40-question written driver's test on their first try. That means they have to wait an extra day and pay a $10 fee to re-take the exam. If you don't want to be part of that statistic, here's what you need to do.

Start by studying the Georgia DDS Driver's Manual. It's free of charge and about 50 pages long. Sure, it can be dry, but it has all the information you need to learn for your test. It lists all the laws you must follow as a driver in Atlanta, as well as all the signs and markings you're likely to encounter.

But that manual can be hard to understand on your own. If you're struggling to learn and memorize the material, taking a driver's ed course can help you. (yes, there are also driver's ed courses made for adults). Since you can do it all online whenever and wherever you want, you can take it at the right pace for you.

Start Practicing for the Atlanta Written Test Today

Practice makes perfect, right? Taking a few practice written tests can help you prepare for the big day. Answer to the best of your abilities and check if your answers were right. If they weren't, don't sweat it, that's what practice tests are for. After a few tries, and after some hours of studying, you'll notice your score go up—just in time for the real deal.

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