The Joys of a Convertible

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Are the joys of driving a convertible worth the costs? Some folks know how to make driving a convertible seem better than Disney Land! Marylin Monroe, Kate Middleton, and this man and his dog look like 3-year-olds holding ice cream cones with sprinkles behind the wheel.

man drives dog in convertible

There are many risks to owning and driving a convertible. But first the fun stuff.
The Perks: Looking like an adventure waiting to happen with your hair blowing in the wind a la a  Katy Perry video . Tan on the go (you can still get some sun if you wear sunscreen with an SPF of 15). Open tops provide a quick escape if you ever drive into a body of water. You can easily spot cars in your blind spot when changing lanes. It’s a great way to meet people and advertise your hotness when you’re single (because everyone checks out who’s behind the wheel of a convertible). Even an old jalopy looks cool and romantic if it has a drop top. You can put the top up when you want, avoiding rain, sun–and onlookers. Everyone can hear your music–so if you’re an up and coming artist without a PR team that’s a good thing, and if you’re a big Conor Maynard fan…well, it could be a liability for everybody to hear what you’re blasting.

rich white people in convertible

The Costs: The actual  cost  of convertibles tends to be higher than for other vehicles–up to $5,000 higher, according to Autoweek. Why? Autoweek doesn’t explain, but one reason might be that drivers who buy convertibles are willing to pay more for fun extras, so it’s easy to charge them more. It can be more dangerous to drive a convertible–a small rock flying 40 miles per hour from a construction site on the road can mildly dent or chip a hard car top, but if you’re exposed in a drop top, it can take out an eye if you’re unlucky.  In general, accidents have the potential of doing more damage to the body when you’re exposed. You can make sure you have more airbags, as Edmunds points out. But to really enjoy a convertible with as little risk as possible, be sure you’re following every safety precaution . After all, while some cars are safer than others, no safety feature ever invented is as valuable as a well-trained driver. So even if you’re Marilyn Monroe, buckle your safety belt and close your car door before hitting the streets in your convertible.

Marilyn Monroe in a convertible