Texas Car Registration Made Simple

Texas Car Registration

Registering or renewing a car registration in Texas is easy. In most cases, you can do this online, in-person, by mail, and also at numerous third-party substations located in grocery stores and other easily accessible locations around the state. 

Fees for registration and driver’s licenses in Texas are lower than in some other states, but not registering your car, truck, motorcycle, or RV is against the law and carries stiff fines.

When you register your vehicle in Texas, you are issued a small sticker to attach to the upper, right-hand corner of the rear license plate. It is essential to put this sticker on the Texas license plate before the expiration of the old sticker, or you may be pulled over by a police officer and fined. 

Registration must be renewed before the last day of the month displayed in the current registration sticker. Vehicle registration stickers in Texas also provide proof the car has received the required vehicle inspections. Current inspection status for cars in Texas can be checked online MyTxCar.org.

Texas Car Registration Hours and Fees

Service centers for renewing vehicle registration are usually open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, except state holidays. 

Fees for registering a car or small pickup in Texas are $50.75. Contact the office nearest you to find out which forms of payment they accept. 

Registering Your Car In-Person 

Vehicle registration and title services in Texas are generally provided by the local county tax division office. Contact your local office for specific information on hours and services. In many areas, substations for registration renewal are located in local shops. 

To register your vehicle in-person, go to the local tax office or an approved substation with your renewal notice and a copy of proof of auto liability insurance. If you do not have a renewal notice, you can still renew registration using an old registration receipt, the car’s license plate number, and the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

You must also show proof that the vehicle passed a recent inspection as required in Texas. This information is available online at tax offices and substations, but if the inspection was recent, the record might not be immediately available. In this case, take a print-out of the inspection certificate as a back-up. 

Online Car Registration in Texas

In many cases, you can renew online from 90 days before the current registration expires and for six months after. When you register your vehicle online in Texas, you receive a $1 discount on registration fees. 

New Texas car tags are printed about two days after online renewal and can take up to three weeks to reach you in the mail. Registration sticker status can be tracked at www.txdmv.gov/track.

Car Registration by Mail in Texas

Owners of cars already registered in Texas receive renewal notices by mail at the last address on record. You can renew by mail by sending this notice back to the local tax office along with a copy of the Vehicle Inspection Report, proof of liability insurance, and payment. 

To be sure of receiving a renewal notice in the mail, update changes of address with the Texas DMV whenever you move. 

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