Spring Break Driving: Have a Blast…Safely!

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spring break driving Spring break is just around the corner, and it’s always a great time to recharge after the winter, to recover from midterm tests, and just to catch the spirit of spring. The week off from school is the perfect chance to work on your drivers ed and in-car lessons with no rush and hassle! But what’s more exciting, if you’re already the proud owner of a magic plastic card, a.k.a. drivers license, is just choosing your destination and heading off on wacky adventures! But don’t forget that spring break driving with friends and trips to new places can be fun only when they are free from harm.

When you are going far away from home, there are a couple of things to keep in mind that can help you stay safe and not lose your temper in tricky situations. Let’s see how you can minimize your risk of getting in trouble during your spring break driving adventure:

  1. Before the Trip : Do a car check-up at the mechanic’s to make sure it is ready for a long trip. Update your GPS, or get proper maps of the areas you’re going. Pack an emergency road kit . Make sure that everyone who is going to drive has a valid license and insurance. Check that the car registration is valid. You should also plan the trip itinerary, if not in detail than at least roughly. This can save you lots of time and several tantrums.
  2. On the Road : Take turns while driving. If you feel sleepy, let another driver take the steering wheel. Do not let anyone in the car drink alcohol: it is prohibited in most states, and you as a driver can be fined for letting people do it.
  3. At a Party : Ah, those lovely moments! You definitely shouldn’t limit yourself in any possible way from having fun, but do not lose your vigilance. As we all know alcohol impairs driving catastrophically and often leads to really bad consequences. There is a whole range of tools you can use to prevent your friends and yourself from drunk driving. Use them, and there will be nothing to regret after.
  4. On the Beach/Under the Sun : Strong spring sun that warms beaches and blinds snowy slopes can be a real danger. It causes sunburns and dehydrates the body, making you feel light-headed and fatigued. Use special caution: sun and alcohol never add energy to your body. Sun maximizes the effects of alcohol, causing tiredness and hangovers. But it is easy to avoid falling prey to blazing rays by using sunscreen, drinking plenty of water, and wearing a hat and sunglasses–especially if you are planning to get back behind the wheel after the outdoor activities.

We hope that your destinations are already planned, your friends are ready to have a spring break bash, and everybody is in a vacation mood. Make good use of your time off and practice your driving or take a drivers ed course if you don’t have your license yet.