Preparing Your Teen Driver for the Road

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Watching a newly licensed teen driver climb into the driver’s seat can be nerve-wracking business. If your teen is about to begin earning their license, you’ll want to make sure they’ll be ready to get behind the wheel.

Before your teen starts driving, follow these tips from The Simple Dollar on how to prepare your teen, maximize their safety, and minimize your costs. Read the full article at The Simple Dollar for more helpful information for parents and teens, including tips on how to behave when pulled over, what to do after a collision, and how to keep those teen insurance premiums low.

teen driver 1. Enroll in a drivers education program.
Make sure your teen gets the right classroom education and in-car training by signing them up for a drivers ed program with a licensed, professional driving school .

2. Be sure your teen meets state licensing requirements. Each state has its own particular set of requirements that teens must fulfill to earn their drivers license. In most states, teens need to earn a learners permit and complete a certain number of hours of supervised driving. Before your teen gets started, check the licensing process for teens in your state.

3. Use mobile apps and driving accessories to encourage driving safety. These days, there are plenty of mobile apps and gadgets that parents can use to track their teen driver. Check your teen’s behind-the-wheel behavior and help them stay distraction-free.

4. Sign a safe driving contract. Outlining driving responsibilities in a contract can help reinforce the principles of safe driving. Customize and sign a parent-teen contract to establish some rules about how and when your teen can drive.

And if your teen hasn’t already started yet, help them take the first step by signing them up for our online drivers ed course . Our interactive online lessons cover the latest traffic laws, teach safe driving techniques, and outline strategies for avoiding risks and dangers. Plus, teen drivers can even earn an insurance discount of up to 10% by completing our course!