Teen Blogger Jett Roberts Picks up Defensive Driving Tips in his Interview with a DriversEd.com Instructor

DriversEd.com’s newest teen blogger Jett Roberts, 16, is a junior at Bishop O’ Dowd High School in Oakland, California. He’s in the process of getting his drivers license, and currently drives under adult supervision with a California permit.

New DriversEd.com teen blogger Jett Roberts picks up some defensive driving tips in an interview with a driving instructor

Jett Roberts interviewed DriversEd.com driving instructor Africa Ishodi — and picked up some defensive driving tips along the way!

Jett says: “I’ve been driving for almost four months now, and I love it! I went through the California online drivers ed training on DriversEd.com, and I have done three lessons with a teacher.”

Despite being new to driving, Jett is already showing an awareness of the importance of being a SMART driver .

“When you are driving you have a responsibility to everyone else to be safe and respectful,” he says. “Living in the San Francisco Bay Area is probably one of the hardest places to drive because there are so many people. Our house is also by “the maze”, which is where eight highways meet! You can see people get mad while driving, and my mom always tells me to assume that no one else knows what they are doing, which keeps you at your sharpest.

Jett completed his California online drivers ed course a few months after he turned 16.

“I didn’t know a lot of the things that were covered in the course, including almost all of the traffic laws, so it’s needless to say I learned a lot. The best part about DriversEd.com’s online drivers ed training was the little movies where I got to choose the outcome! I thought that was a great way to help me figure out what to do.”

Jett will be interviewing drivers and writing blog articles for DriversEd.com as he goes through the process of earning his drivers license.

Here is his first interview with DriversEd.com driving instructor Africa Ishodi, in which he picks up a few defensive driving tips:

How many students have you taught?
I’ve taught over 300 hundred students while working with DriversEd.com. Teaching new drivers is all about adapting to different students and their learning styles. Not all kids are the same, so they don’t all learn the same way.

Have you done anything like teaching drivers ed before or is this your first job like this?
I used to work with people who have special needs; I did that for seven years. This helped me develop my teaching skills and the ability to find the best learning style for each student.

Is driving different than it was when you learned?
When I learned how to drive I was taught be an older person, who had a great deal of experience. I remember the main thing that I didn’t get the hang of was braking properly.

I pulled from what I learned while driving, and use this knowledge when teaching others. The main point being to look over your shoulder when turned, ALWAYS!!

How long have you been driving; when did you get your license?
I got my license about 19 years ago, when I was 16. I got it in San Francisco, which is extremely hard to navigate!

What are some defensive driving skills, that will make me a better driver?
SMOG! This is what will prepare you the most for the driving test.
S ignal when turning,
M irrors, check them every 10 to 15 seconds,
(Look) O ver your shoulder when turning, always scan your surroundings,
and last but not least G o when its safe!

DriversEd.com instructor Africa Ishodi says teaching new drivers is all about adapting to different students and their learning styles

DriversEd.com driving instructor Africa Ishodi

How will those defensive driving skills help me in my driving test?
Traffic laws are key, and knowing what you can or cannot do. SMOG prepares you so much for the test!

What is your favorite food?
Pot roast and healthy foods, like quinoa, and chicken.

What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?
I take Martial Arts, Sanshou, a fighting form of Kung Fu. It was originally developed by the Chinese military based on traditional Kung Fu and modern combat fighting techniques.

What is your favorite TV show and/ or movie?
TV — Big Bang Theory, Movie — I Am Sam

What is your favorite season in the year?
Summer! I love the weather, and going on vacation!

What kind of music do you like?
No favorite genre, I love them all!

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